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  1. Thanks for trying to help. I wish it was that simple. The very problem is that the MF is always on regardless of the position of the SCM switch or any possible combination of menu/button settings. It's only back to shutter AF when I change the setting to Adv 1/2 mode on the top dial. The AF-L on the back is working too, but I prefer to use the shutter AF.
  2. Thanks again for getting back in touch. My frustration is that the nor the camera manual neither the FAQ on the Fuji website give any clue how to resolve the problem. I am locked in MF mode in whatever combination of settings/button combinations. Front or back or menu setting. Just to go back to factory settings would be nice, but I tried the two 'reset' options through the menu without any joy. Pretty frustrating stuff.
  3. Hi, I am desperate to get my shutter AF working again on my beloved Fuji T-20 (no green focus square when shutter is pressed). I can't work out why it stopped. When I press the shutter the blue EL display pops up, otherwise it's in permanent MF mode, I can't get out of the MF setting in the AF mode (see attachment). I've been through all the obvious setting (ie. front switch M, menu reset, AF on) options. What is strange is that the shutter AF works when I change the dial on top of the camera to Adv 1 or 2. Another strange thing is that the focus via the AF-L button on the back works. Many thanks.
  4. thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. I am a pretty experienced cinematographer and I tried every possible set of combination of settings before I put up my note. Any other suggestions?
  5. Hi, my shutter half-pressed AF stopped working in S-Mode. The AF shutter works strangely only in Adv1/2 mode. I can only get focus with the AF-L button on the back. I've tried any possible combination and of course reset. The menu display in AF/MF settings is permanently in MF mode (pic attached). Every time I half-press the shutter the blue EL display appears on the back screen. Any advice on how to get my beloved halp-press shutter AF back would be really appreciated, I am really desperate. MANY THANKS, HM
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