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  1. The focus assist lamp function is not compatible with the x100 series
  2. Hello everyone, today I received my new Godox tt350f. The flash is working well but I've noticed a weird behavior. When I shoot with the flash I usually leave it attached to the camera even when I don't need it and I just turn it off. With this new flash if I do so the autofocus stops working, the camera tries to focus without success and without telling me that ( no red square ) or focuses briefly, I can see the green square for a moment, then it lose the focus immediately. If I put the camera in manual focus and focus with the ael/aef button, everything works fine. The same flash unit works well on a x100s. Has anyone experienced a similar behavior? I haven't another Fuji-compatible flash to try and with my Canon flash ( in manual mode ) everything works fine. Best regards, Francesco
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