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  1. Prior to buying X20 all cameras have been SLRs .... have used tele-converter lens with them .... tele-converter always mounted between camera body and interchangeable lens .... now trying to find a tele-converter for use with X20 which is "fixed" lens .... everything I find seems to be designed for use with LH-X10 adapter ring which is vented .... QUESTION: Don't the "vents" allow light into area between lens and tele-converter? .... doesn't this create a problem with quality of photo? .... Sure I must be missing something here but .... Thanks ....
  2. Recently bought a used x20 .... seems like a nice camera but is significantly smaller than any camera I have used for the past 35+ years .... and like most digital cameras (IMO) has way too many options/adjustments available .... (yep I'm a old guy) .... anyway .... looking for recommendations for a set of basic settings to use to make it function just a step above a "Kodak Brownie" ? so I can use it for awhile and concentrate on feel/function of the camera .... not trying to learn all of the settings/options until I am comfortable with just using the body and very basic controls .... probably sounds like a dumb question but to me one of the main components of enjoying a camera is a good physical interface with it .... Thanks in advance for all comments/thoughts shared .... AbueloB
  3. Can x20 be powered with an external 110v power converter? Thanks ....
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