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  1. What has been your experiences with the X-T2 in cold weather. I acquired a new X-T2 this spring and was very happy with it until today. I took it to Minnesota's North Shore to shoot the annual Splitrock Lighthouse lighting. The temps most of the day hovered around +20 F. about an hour before the event the temps dropped to the lower teens. I had been taking pictures of the area, and my camera started having shutter issues in continuous mode. It would skip and pause. I switched to single mode, and tried the bulb mode to prep for the event, and the shutter would open but not close. had to shut the camera off to get it to close. I traveled several hundred miles for the event and missed it due to the camera not working in chilly temps. My Nikon worked fine last year for this, as well as in -20 F in January at the same place. Is this normal behavior for Fuji's X series?
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