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  1. I've been using SLR cameras since 1970 and DSLRs since 2000. I bought a second-hand X10 a couple of years ago, then later an X20. Both are good cameras but the X20 is better than the X10 and even better than the Olympus OM1n film camera I used for more than 25 years. Settings are up to you, of course, and what suits me might not suit you, but my reason for buying the X20 was the optical viewfinder with shooting info, so my first recommendation is to set the OVF/LCD setting on tab 4 of the Shooting Menu to OVF. There's an Eye Sensor option too but I've found that in bright light it's a bit iffy and doesn't always work. You could use P mode for ease of use or SP mode if you want the camera to make all the decisions for you but my preferred settings are: * Aperture priority * F/4 aperture (F/5.6 is also acceptable but higher than this leads to distortion: lower is OK) * JPEG Fine or JPEG Fine + RAW * Auto ISO 100-400 * Minimum shutter speed 1/15th (or whatever you feel happiest with) * DR 100 (anything else leads to smudging) * Burst mode 3fps allows you to use a single click for single frames or to keep your finger on the button for longer sequences (but be aware that the camera does not re-focus after the first frame) Then snap away and make whatever adjustments you prefer. Have fun with your X20. It rekindled my love of photography!
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