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  1. I recently changed from the X-T2 to X-T3 but have found that the Fuji remote release RR90? is not compatible. Input to camera is now USB C whereas previous camera was USB Micro B. Fuji themselves have just ignored my request for help. I have purchase a converter cable USB Micro B to USB C but this does not work. I also have a Hahnel Timer kit with remote receiver. Again similar problem! I suppose it could be the converter cable is faulty but no means of checking. Any ideas anyone please? I know I have facilities on my iPhone but I only;y recently spent £150+ on these pieces of kit that now appear to be going to waste
  2. I use Lightroom regularly - remember that RAW files (RAF in Fuji) are unprocessed files containing all the picture data and have NOT been processed by the camera so they will always appear dull and flat. The image you see on your camera screen is a processed Jpeg version. Raw files allow you to process the image to your personal tastes. This applies to all processing software with tax files. Working on a Jpeg file in any software will degrade the image as it has already lost a substantial amount of its image data. Once processed a raw file can be saved as either a TIFF (larger file) or a Jpeg Hope this helps a little
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