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  1. Thanks for your answer. I am not comparing with my phone, that's a different issue I have with transferred video. If you know why this happens, please let me know. I'm comparing with a micro 4/3 Panasonic LX100. But your point on exposure is the same and I understand. Sensor size doesn't (directly) matter. I'm still disappointed with the automatic SS, too much unsharp people when taking pictures inside. Thanks for your elaborate respons.
  2. I hope the exif is visible, otherwise I will add it. The LX100 with smaller sensor does 1/60, ISO 400, F1.7 The X-T3 does 1/34, ISO 400, F2
  3. My new X-T3 has two issues: - the automatic shutter speed is low, during a bright day outside it uses 1/125. Inside but not dark it uses 1/30. Sometimes it uses 1/1000 outside, but with an abnormal high ISO (4000). With my former camera (micro 4/3) the SS was a lot higher. My max ISO is 6400. - when I transfer video's to my smartphone (Oneplus 5T) there only is a bad noise and no recorded sound. Only in the VLC-app it works. Does anyone know if this is normal or how I can solve these issues? Thanks in advance.
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