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  1. Many thanks, I’ve now done this, but am still experiencing problems. The flash, when raised, incapacitates the shutter button in all modes & a red light flashes unless I turn the camera off and on again. I have reset the camera, but the problems persist.
  2. When I raise the flash, this entails the unintended and unhelpful consequence of rendering the shutter button entirely ineffectual. This is accompanied by a flashing orange light, which occasionally switches to a flashing red light, as if attempting to communicate something to me with increased urgency, whilst failing to take stock of the incomprehensibility of the signal, as an American tourist might if he were merely to raise his voice in a conversation with a Strasbourgeois bank teller without endeavouring to change his language to French, German or Elsäßisch and thereby making himself intelligible, a lamentable scenario I once witnessed.
  3. How is the “drive mode” labelled on the camera itself, please? There is no “drive mode” on any of the menus. Aha, yes, I’ve now located this; my apologies for a little vacuity there. That said, the flash still doesn’t work. Many thanks, all the same. L
  4. I’m afraid I’ve tried this repeatedly, as well as the other methods suggested above, to no avail. The flash does not work on my X30. I am very fond of the camera, but this is an exasperating flaw. How, incidentally, does one turn off bracketing? This doesn’t seem possible using the menu. If there were a fix not alluded to above, I’d be most grateful to know it. Many thanks.
  5. I’ve tried all of these measures, to no avail. The orange light flashes when I raise the flash and the shutter button ceases to function. I’m fairly sure that I have fiddled with functions beyond my comprehension, but it’s left me a little exasperated, since now I cannot even find how to restore factory settings. If anyone out there were able to advise without being inordinately bored by the crass character of this request, I’d be most grateful.
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