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  1. Hi everyone, thank you greatly in advance for any help you can offer. I'm going to purchase the XT-3 for video use and am getting mixed reviews about the kit lens vs the fixed 2.8 lens. I would LOVE to see examples of each lens and the bokeh produced by them. I'm wondering how much different will be seen at 55mm between the 2.8 and the 4.0 …. MY CURRENT kits are full frame sensors, so it's not just something I can imitate with another camera. I'd love to see a second or two of video footage from both lenses wide open at 16 and 18 and at 55 from each lens … I am not asking anyone to do this unless they are interested! I can suggest that this content may be a marketable youtube video- could make some money monetizing this demo. Thank you so much!
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