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  1. Fuji repair centre tell me they have "replaced a fuse & repaired a circuit board"
  2. I have had my XT10 since Mar 2016, have two lens which I swap round on a fairly regulat basis. I do take a lot of photos, but the camera & lens are well looked after/protected from bumps, dust & wet In Nov last year the SD card slot failed i.e. could not click in a flash card. The camera was sent back to Fuji for out of warranty paid repair. The first time I changed the lens when it came back the camera would not shoot. I played in the settings menu & after 20 minutes, got the camera working again All well for two months then F0 will not focus problem after a lens swap. Again after much fettling of settings got it working again. I thought switching on & off the MF, into & out of viewing flash on/flash off eventually got rid of the F0, & coulkd live with this but another time the fault just would not clear. Now shooting fine but am afraid to change the lens as I fear the return of F0 Fuji suggest the lens mount on the camera body is at fault. I wonder if it is NOT a mechanical/physical faukt with the mount but a system/firmware[?] issue. The contacts on body & lens appear immaculate & the lens click in nicely & appear to be perfectly seated with no play Might Fuji have changed some system/firmware/settings to cause these symptoms? I currently have lost confidence in this camera. Twice I have needed the extra reach of the 55-200mm [to get right into a Portsmouth harbour sunset, the first time, & this week to get faces of seals on a half term trip to Norfolk] After nearly three years of heavy use is it realistic that I have worn out my camera? Do you think this is a mechanical problem with the lens mount? Or a system/settings/firmware problem? Fuji have sent me packaging to repair the current problem, under guarantee of the recent flash card slot repair, but I do not feel comfortable that it actually is a body mount issue Any thoughts gratefully accepted Thanks
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