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  1. I will describe an issue i recently had on my xe-2,just to ask for an advice/solution,in case somebody else had a similar problem. -camera xe-2 -firmware 4.11[latest] -reset on menu[as soon as problem was diagnosed]-all set again to fact. defaults -lens 27/28-and kit lenses 16-50/50-230 all with the latest firmware -fuji battery fully charged -all camera and lens contacts have been checked and properly cleaned -external camera button is set to ''S''[single AF-] -shoot without lens ON[set on menu] Camera [fitted with any fuji lens]most of the time can not recognize the lens fitted on,so it behaves as there is no lens on-so there is neither autofocus nor any chance to set aperture by using the on camera dial-And there is no way to fucus manually of course. Picture can be taken only in maxim. ap[eg2.8]- After shooting this way and reading afterwords the picture exif- its just as if an external manual prime lens[50mm] was fitted in-no zoom and aperture indications - When ''shoot without lens is OFF'' [set on menu] as expected you cant shoot any picture by pressing the button - My result=that camera menu sets itself to the ''shoot without lens'' ON/OFF mode automatically by not recognizing any fuji lens and acts accordingly -there is no other issue with the camera apart from the above-mentioned facts -so the camera for the time being can be used ONLY with other brands external manual focus lenses -that is not always the case,however-a few times it all comes back and camera recognizes lenses and behaves normally in AF with no problems at all. Any suggestions apart from ''service''? -
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