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  1. I just read on this site about owners concerns about protecting their lens on x10-x20-x30 and purchase brands Marumi or Fotasy 40mm uv filter.what I like to add that on other sites like Dp review site x10-x20-x30 owners where complaining about seeing spots and speckles on them,first of all unless you buy brans like Hoya pro1 hd or B+W filters which cost is way higher and still need cleaning before use and some of the lower quality ones would effect your picture quality instead keep your lense clean and careful.
  2. Thx knowledgeseeker, just got me used x20.
  3. Hi Gustoby, new here just joined got me used x20,ovf onthis camera what you see diff from the lens sees.about aperture priority you said F4 to F5.6, Landscape shooting isnt f11 sometimes even f16 better dof. Thx.
  4. Hi All, new member I just purchased used x20,took some pics setting for image quality-f+Raw when I loaded them on PC I got different dimensions example jpeg-2048-1860.raw-2048-1536. and some pics vise versa. Thx.
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