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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Today, my first video was published on YouTube. All my videos during the year I shoot with my best and excellent video camera: Fujifilm X100F. Subscribe to my channel today! PS. Tips and good advice from all of you will be taken with gratitude! https://youtu.be/0MOkBXl5FU4
  2. Hello. Im using my XT-2 to video interviews that often exceed the 15 minute record limit. Is anyone aware if i can bypass this limit by using an Atomos digital capture device? thanks
  3. Fuji X-T20 or X-T2 (from what I hear) can't handle variations in lighting during Video without abrupt noticeable changes in exposure. Either using Auto ISO or Auto Iris. It also makes a noticeable noise at every jump, especially with F-stops. Here's my X-T20. No variations in Photometry settings changes this effect: https://youtu.be/2nXhMea5CYs Here is the same video done with a Canon EOS-M in Full Auto Movie mode - much better: https://youtu.be/pYB1Dft_AW8 Here's the EOS-M in Auto ISO only (f/13. SS 1/60, 30fps 1080p converted to 720p) - even better: https://youtu.be/6eOJWLO8W8Y Here's the Sony A6000, SS 1/125, in Multi Metering mode, Auto ISO - So smooth, and quiet too!. https://youtu.be/Px5cBPs8cEs So, has anyone seen this as well, or know any trick, other than setting everything to manual and staying with the same lighting throughout the video?
  4. questions for video folks.... any clues? 1. I'm looking for a very compact stabilization rig for X-T2 to make quick videos (specially while walking) that can fit in my travel bag. I do not need pro grade rigs, just want to avoid getting a headache every time I watch the videos.... 2. would the AF noise of the 23 1.4 or 56 be picked by camera mic?? should I use an external mic instead? thanks!
  5. I realise that there is general criticism of the video function on the X100 cameras, but there is one area that the X100 excels - the videoing of live gigs. It’s the best camera for that purpose I’ve found since the Sony TRV 900. The TRV 900 was far superior to the later ‘pro’ VX2100 in one critical way - the sound. Unfortunately The X100T is inferior to the original X100 for the same reason. Some nuance of the mic on the X100 gives a balanced sound for rock bands, and doesn’t distort the drums. They’ve changed something on the mic on the x100T and it’s nowhere near as good.* ( I ran a test and went through all the mic settings on the x100T but nothing matched the X100 preset. ) * The sound from the X100T mic is fine for acoustic sets, as good as the X100 The X100 is thus better than many video cameras for filming gigs. Obviously one might argue that you need to use an external sound mix, but with live gigs this isn’t really the case - because you can’t get the right sound by going through a mixing desk. Desk recordings don’t work for two main reasons 1) the live mix normally cuts out guitars, which are already cranked up through their own amps, and 2) they cut out the ambient sound of the crowd (apart from the small amount that is picked up by the vocal mix onstage) which adds all the atmosphere of a show. Of course a show could be made to sound right by going through a sub mixing desk and attaching a condenser mic on the ceiling for the sound of the crowd. But that would need a whole new costly sound mix. As I said, this is a niche feature but I thought it was worth mentioning for the benefit of all you gig goers out there! If you want a light, discrete video camera with a great HD capability, good low light capability and most of all the right kind of sound balance, I recommend the X100 (sadly even over the X100T.)
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