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Found 29 results

  1. Was able to borrow a Fuji XT10 for the day. My impressions(I'm not going to show you images as we all know that Fuji is aces in the IQ department, this is more a functional assessment): 1) Fuji has finally got something with the AF going here. It is right up there were I had hoped it would be. Indoor crappy lighting and it locked on quick and sure. I would have no problem recommending it or the XT1 after its firmware update. No chance to test the C-AF as suitable subjects were not available. If the improved S-AF is any indication, the C-AF will be just as good. 2) I did not miss the ISO dial. The Fuji auto ISO works well enough that I don't see me needing to change it a lot. If I did - I'd use the Q menu. 3) Size - it was smaller than I had in my head. Any smaller and I would not have liked it. The feel in my hand reminded me of how my Olympus EM5 Mk II feels. Very well balanced with the 16-50mm kit lens. 4) EVF - I really did like it. Very smooth and good image. 5) Articulated screen is a welcome addition, functions similar to the one on my EM1. Some people love this kind or hate it and wish it were fully articulating. I don't care either way, as having any kind of articulating screen is a bonus IMHO.
  2. Fujifilm created a video showing off the manufacturing process of the new X-T10. It's impressive how much hand finishing work goes into the top and bottom metal plates. All of these cameras are assembled by hand, followed up by what looks to be some automated function testing. Pretty neat!
  3. Have been working on the leather half case for fujifilm X-T10 for the last week. New method of prototyping!! Making the bottom with 3D printer. Better accuracy, new cutout that allows tilting screen access yet still protecting most area around the buttons. New Leather !! High quality Veg tanned leather from italian. New matching leather wriststrap available!
  4. Hi. New here so please forgive any faux pas! I've just got an X-T10 and I'm pretty happy with it so far but all the lenses seem to move a little in the mount. It is most and very noticeable with the 55-200 (XF) but the 18-55mm and 27mm also do it it. Anyone else having this issue? Just want to know if this is a common thing (with this or other Fujis) before taking it up with the suppliers (Wex) Richard
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