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Found 5 results

  1. At some point, another X100 will be released. What I'd like to see is a newer 23mm lens, that sticks about 5 mm further out so it is easy to use the aperture dial. I'd like to see the ISO set from a button on the D pad, and the removal of the dial on the front hand handgrip and also from its current set up on the shutter speed timer. I'd also like to see a little zoom lens developed that can be screwed onto the camera's lens (like the TCL teleconversion lens), that runs from 35mm to 50 mm with about a half turn to move from 35mm to 50 mm. The aperture could be 2.8 and still be useful given the high ISO now available with the bigger sensor. This would hopefully keep the front lens of the zoom smaller than the current TCL 35 mm lens adapter. I know that there is the cropping ability provided in the camera, but I would prefer to retain the 24 MB ability. With the little zoom capability, I would probably sell my ever expanding kit of lenses and bodies and simplify things again.
  2. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and I am in a bit of a dilemma. There is an insanely good deal right now on the Fuji 23mm F1.4 with a cashback of $200 and a 20 percent discount on ebay australia. In addition I get to claim GST (10 percent) off this lens plus some additional cashback rewards. So after the heavy discounting the Fuji 23mm F1.4 is about $650 AUD. This is about the price that I can get the new 23 MM F2 for (no cashback for this lens and it's not available on ebay at a store I can get the discount at). Now I am attracted to the lighter and WR of the 23MM F2 but for the price the 1.4 is such a bargain. I tried it out in store and am a little concerned about the weight but am blown away by the quality of the lens itself. If you were in my shoes which of the two lenses will you get? Will mostly be using it for street, travel and some environmental portraits. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! Selling my beloved X-Pro2 kit since need a little lighter set-up. Would be interested in a trade to X100F. X-PRO2 body + metal grip (improves ergonomics) Bought in EU, should still have a valid warranty. Light usage marks, but nothing significant. Box and all the regular stuff included. Fujicron XF23 F2 Bought in Japan. There is a warranty card, not sure if warranty works in EU. Box, covers, and all the regular stuff included. The lens is in perfect condition, a few scuffs on the hood. I'll add an extra metal screw-on lens hood. I'm asking for 1490€ for the set. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, but it's pretty cheap shipping anywhere in the world from there. I also have an XF14 for sale for 550€, if someone would be interested.
  4. JonathanPosnerPhoto

    Complete X-T1 Body & Lenses Outfit For Sale

    Sorry, ***SOLD*** (I can't see how to close this Classified!) I have a complete, and virtually unused, Fuji X-T1( Black) system for sale, comprising body and seven lenses. Body has been used four times, as have some of the lenses, three lenses not used at all. All items boxed, all lenses with Hoya Pro Protectors fitted from new, spare batteries. Also mint and unused X-E2 (Chrome) purchased as back-up body. Lenses: 18-55; 10-24; 55-200; 23 (1.4); 35 (1.4); 56R; 90. LONDON, UK. Offers starting please at 45% of current UK new 'Street' prices. Prepared to split but looking to sell as complete lot.
  5. widespace

    23mm 27mm & 35mm Primes

    Here is some information as a background for my question: (1) I am not a professional photographer but love to do good photography for myself (2) my main interests are landscaping mixed with some architectural (75%), plus street and portrait photography (mainly to my family)(25%) (3) I want to keep it simple and in a budget; for now, I can't invest additional money on more lenses, and anyway I want to have just the ones I will really be using (4) I love prime lenses and actually I have the 27mm and 35mm primes (5) I like the FOV of the 27mm (about between the 23mm and the 35mm) mainly for general purposes, but for landscaping (remember 75% ?) I think I would prefer the 23mm for its wider FOV (6) I know that the 23mm is a complete and excellent lens, and even when it's at the beginning of the wide focal spectrum, it's also very good for other type of photography (7) if I sell the 27mm and the 35mm lenses, I can buy the 23mm and have it for my main purpose as well as for the other general purposes (25%) Now, my question is: would it be worth to sell the two very good lenses in order to get the 23mm? Please help me to think about this in the perspective of casual use (mainly weekends, with or without the family) and photography preferences. Thank you all in advance for your input.
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