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Found 30 results

  1. JonathanPosnerPhoto

    Complete X-T1 Body & Lenses Outfit For Sale

    Sorry, ***SOLD*** (I can't see how to close this Classified!) I have a complete, and virtually unused, Fuji X-T1( Black) system for sale, comprising body and seven lenses. Body has been used four times, as have some of the lenses, three lenses not used at all. All items boxed, all lenses with Hoya Pro Protectors fitted from new, spare batteries. Also mint and unused X-E2 (Chrome) purchased as back-up body. Lenses: 18-55; 10-24; 55-200; 23 (1.4); 35 (1.4); 56R; 90. LONDON, UK. Offers starting please at 45% of current UK new 'Street' prices. Prepared to split but looking to sell as complete lot.
  2. Hello All, Am selling sparingly used X-Series system listed as below: XT-1 Black body only - $650 (incl. 1x 32GB Lexar 2000x (300 MB/S) Professional SD Card, 1x Faux Leather Cover + Carry case, 1x Wasabi Power Battery + Charger) XE-1 Silver w/ XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS - $500 (incl. 1x 16GB Sandisk Ultra SD Card, Hoya UV Lens Filter, 1x Extra Battery) XF 35mm F1.4 R - $400 (incl. Fujinon UV Lens Filter) XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro  - $350 (incl. Fujinon UV Lens Filter) XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS - $450 All the items come in their original box w/ owners manual, lens hood, etc. If someone is buying the whole kit, I will throw in Free Shipping (within USA) and a Lowepro shoulder slung camera bag. Do contact me for individual photos. I can also sell any item individually. Reason for sale: I am hardly using them and mostly end up taking photos with my iPhone while traveling. A bit sad that never really got to use all these wonderful tools of photography. Regards, NN
  3. veejaycee


    I'd heard the Sphinxes which guard the upper terrace of the old Crystal Palace had been newly re-terracotta'd but I couldn't believe my luck in finding a representative of The Lion of Judah taking his ease within its paws. He asked if i could add the Rasta colours so I obliged as below with a downloaded wallpaper of same rotated, sized, layered and erased as necessary. I suspect it's either for a profile pic of for his phone.He's a well known and popular guy going by the number of likes they received within minutes of posting on fb.

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  4. veejaycee


    2015 Orsett show, Essex

    © Vic Chapman 2015

  5. veejaycee


    2015 Orsett show, Essex. XT1 + 55-200mm @ 89mm.

    © Vic Chapman 2015

  6. veejaycee


    2015 Orsett show, Essex. 3 shots of a 7 shot sequence, XT1 + 90mm f2

    © Vic Chapman 2015

  7. veejaycee


    2015 Orsett show, Essex

    © Vic Chapman 2015

  8. veejaycee


    The most beautiful car ever made. Jaguar E type.
  9. veejaycee


    No way I was going to allow those wire wheels to blur! One of my fave cars, Austin Healey 3000.
  10. veejaycee


    Richmond park red deer. X-E1 590nm infrared conversion + PP of course.
  11. veejaycee


    Richmond park red deer. X-E1 590nm infrared conversion + PP of course.
  12. veejaycee


    Richmond park red deer. X-E1 590nm infrared conversion + PP of course. No channel swap on this one just desat of all but cyan/blue.
  13. veejaycee


    Richmond park red deer. X-E1 590nm infrared conversion + PP of course.
  14. veejaycee

    Veteran cars and Infrared

    In the miscellaneous category of the gallery I just posted some more pictures from the foggy London/Brighton veteran car rally with 55-200mm & 90mm f2 and some new infrared colour images with 14mm f2.8 & Minolta 24mm f2.8.
  15. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  16. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  17. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  18. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  19. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  20. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  21. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  22. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  23. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  24. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

  25. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman

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