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Found 7 results

  1. LazarouINC

    Samyang 10mm advice

    Hello I need some advice please. I am looking to get the samyang 10mm f2.8 for my Fujifilm XT2 but here is my dilemma. I also have a Canon 5D Mark 3 and I'm thinking if I get the Canon version of the lens and not the X mount I can then get an adapter and use it on both. So will using the Canon version on the Fuji give me any less image quality than getting the dedicated Fuji version or can I kill 2 birds with 1 stone with no problems. Thanks
  2. Newbie to X100F here... Coming over from Canon I was wondering if my off camera Pocket Wizard Flex5/Flex3/AC3 Zone controller with Canon speedlites will work on the X100F? I don't need TTL, but it would be nice to use gear that I already have...and I don't really want to run back and forth doing things manually (yeah...lazy Canon user) My plan B would be an Odin II with three Lumopro 180R. TIA Regards,
  3. Fuji XT2 with Cactus V6 II & Canon 600EXRT Does anyone know if I can have the Cactus V6 II trigger on the XT2 and then a Cactus V6 II trigger on a Canon 600EXRT flash and they will work in all modes including HSS.
  4. Hello I tried to use my Canon 600RT flash with my Fuji XT2 in full manual mode on camera with the shutter set at 250 and below. Then set my Canon 600RT flash into manual mode and adjusted the zoom coverage to my lens focal length. But I just can't get the Canon flash to fire while on the XT2 for some reason. So has anyone got any idea why it won't fire as it should do in manual mode. There must be something in firmware of the flash or the camera preventing the flash from firing. So anyone else tried using a Canon flash on the XT2 or any other Fuji camera and had the same issue. As of now I don't have any other flash apart from the little one that comes with the XT2 and that fires just fine.
  5. veejaycee

    Porto in focus

    A rather wonderful video of Porto in B&W by Armando Jorge. Forget about the equipment used just enjoy. Even the music is good, so sound on.
  6. I have for sale this specialist Canon FD 35mm f2.8 SSC Tilt Shift lens complete with Metabones Fuji to FD adapter. This is a Canon FF tilt shift which give a large image circle over the fuji sensor and gives vey little vignetting even at full swing or shift. The lens is in absolute mint condition for both the body and the optics and the tilt shift mechanism is perfect and working as it should. This lens comes in its original leather hard case with the original manual and is with all accessories (hood, tripod mount, botrh caps) The metabones adapter is as new and is the best FD/Fuji adapter built. The Lens cost me near £500 last year and it took me a long time to find a mint almost unused on there are a good few rough ones out there that still fetch £350-400. The Metabones adapter cost near £150 so this package cost me almost £650 but I will sell it for £450 inc UK postage which is a bargain. Great for product or landscapes with its 50mm FOV on the Fuji this lens is still so well respected people pay £100's to have them adapted to work on EOS cameras too. It is known to work well on other mirrorless systems such as the Sony A7's If you want the lens without the fuji adapter I will do the lens only for £385. I am only selling this as I am now using a view camera when needed for product shots. I have put some images in a gallery that can be downloaded here: http://foliohost.co.uk/gallery.php?mode=gallery&id=20&page=1See details here:http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/companies/canon/fdresources/fdlenses/35mmTS/35mmts.htmhttps://www.flickr.com/groups/canonfdts35mmf28ssc/pool/https://www.onlandscape.co.uk/2014/02/wideangle-options-sony-a7r/
  7. RichardCFrost

    I'm going on a Lens Hunt...

    I have the XF18-55, XF55-200 and the XF27mm, which are all great. But I love going old school, having first used classic Pentax lenses on my m4/3 system. I carried over two Olympus OM prime lenses from my OM-D E-M10, an F3.5 50mm Macro, and an F2.8 28mm. These are very impressive and fun to use, especially for the street walk around stuff I tend to do. They force me to think, but also allow me to just look down at my X-T10 and know instantly what my settings are, given I tend to stick to a limited range of ISO settings. Now I have decided to expand my range, as I can't think what else I could get for Christmas. Today the Amazon guy brought me two K&F Concepts X-Fit adapters, one for Canon FD and one for Leica M39 screw fit, although I am thinking M42 might have given me more choices. But hey, at £10 a pop, these adapters are great and cheap. Almost cheap enough to just leave one on each classic lens. So tomorrow I am off to West Yorkshire Camera in the Corn Exchange in Leeds, here in the UK, to see what delights I can find. Their prices seem to track eBay and you can try the lens on your camera. I have my eye on these lenses... Canon 50mm F1.4 or maybe Olympus 50mm F1.8. They have many more lenses than they put on the website. And on eBay I am looking at this Helios 44 58mm F2 nut job lens with the swirly bokeh. I'm also tracking some shorter focal lengths too. I think it is fair to say I am hooked on cheap legacy glass. All I need to do now is put together a flickr folder of my work!
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