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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys! Made an account because I gave up trying to find the solution on Google; nothing just comes up! Anyways, I'd like some help fixing a problem that I've been trying to fix the whole day. It's the camera's external flash. The thing with the button that pops up when you press the button up. Well, it kinda doesn't work. Like, the physical button won't work. I can't get it to pop up, it seems like it is stuck. Here's what I've done trying to fix it (to no avail): Turn on/off silent mode Turn on/off macro and super-macro FORMAT the device (located in the third wrench icon on the Menu/OK setting) Reset > Set Up Reset (this time located in the first wrench icon) Delete all the photos (this was actually accidental. I have my photos backed up though so, no worries.) Here's to clarify the situation: The external flash was actually open when it got stuck. I managed to close it somehow but forgot what I did back then. All I could recall was shoving it it in a couple of times (Idiot decision, didn't work for me. Don't do this), pressing some buttons and menus, then restarting the device. (Turning it on made me able to close it, now it's stuck being closed.) This might be the cause of the problem, just don't know how to fix it lol: There is a secondary flash near the camera's lense. It lights up on auto mode in darker areas. This might be the cause for all of this but I don't know how to enable the external one. I appreciate your efforts for even reading the whole thing! Many thanks!
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