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Found 27 results

  1. I have seen the x70 manual, where slow sync is avail from the flash modes. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x70/shooting/flash/index.html I can not figure out how to get the 'slow synchro' option, regardless of full auto, or partial auto modes. All I have is: Forced, Commander, External & Suppressed. And I'm guessing Rear curtain is not available? I also don't understand why I can't choose any flash setting in Electronic Shutter mode. Thank you for any insight.
  2. I own both an X10 and an Olympus E-M10. Since some Olympus TTL flashes have a non-TTL camera agnostic autoexposure mode and the EF-42 does not, I sold my EF-42 after buying the E-M10 and have been using an Olympus flash with both cameras. It would be nice to have something smaller and now the Godox TT350 (also sold as Flashpoint Mini-TTL R2 by Adorama) is available in both Fuji and Olympus versions at a lower price than any Fuji or Olympus flash unit. The Godox flashes use a proprietary radio remote TTL system where the slaves can be for any camera model, only the master/trigger unit has to be matched to the camera. So buying one for each camera would give me an entry into the Godox ecosystem for multi-flash remote TTL that would work with either camera...in theory! If anybody has bought a Godox/Flashpoint TTL unit for X series cameras I'd love to hear about your experiences, especially if you have been using remote TTL with the TT350.
  3. Pauline Beluso

    XA10 camera flash wont work

    Hi All! So my XA10 flash does not work. I tried searching it on forums for any possibility of solution for this but unfortunately it wont work. One of the possibilities is it might be on silent mode stuff like that... I tried but not. Also on Q part, flash is not highlighted. Thanks! Hoping some could help me with this!
  4. Hi, I purchased the Godox TT350 flash to use with my XT-2. I have a bracket system for off camera flash, however there are not TTL cords to use for off camera flash setup's. Can anyone tell me if I can setup a master/slave setup with the XT-2? If so, how do you set it up in the camera menu. Thanks for the help. Wayne
  5. SnapPuppy

    Hypersync Flash

    I know people love to hate this guy but would love to hear others thoughts on this Hypersync he's got working with Fujifilm cameras. I personally don't have the gear to try this out.
  6. Dear friends, I´m just starting in studio flash photography and I don't get to do this right: Everything went very well with Single focusing, which is of course very slow when you need to shoot someone moving in front of you. But when I wanted to shoot -say- 2-3 shots, I just fell I couldn't. I know how great the XT2 is, so I admit my ignorance. Is there anybody out there that can share a special setup for these situations? I really appreciate your help. Thanks and cheers from Chile! Ralph
  7. Ive been trying to get my YN560 IV flash to fire multiple times with a single shutter press. Doesn't seem to be working. Has anyone gotten this to work on their XT-2? Was wondering if Im missing a setting..... or if the system just doesn't support it. I've read that the fuji sends an odd signal to the flash, making multiple fires of the flash impossible. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Ajl46

    Xt20 flash

    This is a very basic question but how do you get the flash to pop down again? Manual or should the flash button reverse? First time I've used mine and I'm reluctant to force it... thanks
  9. Dear All, I am now equipped with a set of manual Cobra flashes but I want to move to portable pro gear (in the league of elinchrom, profoto , phottix you name it) What is the best solution ? The Cactus V6II/IIs ? Wait until elinchrom & profoto deliver their air triggers customised for fuji? Adopt the Nissin air and sticking to the cobras from nissin ? Thanks for you help
  10. I recently had my camera cleaned. Now the flash doesn't work at a photo expo event, so I can't return to the store for redress. I've set the camera on mechanical shutter. Any other suggestions?
  11. Hi ?? I think my built in flash is struggling to sync with the shutter of my x-a2. Whenever I use it I get half the photo in darkness. Is there a shutter speed limit? Is it a firmware problem? Am I just being an idiot? Ta for any help. liz
  12. Just wondered if anyone is using a Meike MK320 on there Fuji X-T1 ? If so is there any issues with it and the latest firmware as I have read elsewhere that the Nissan i40 won't work correctly and has to be sent away for a firmware upgrade ? So would this also apply to the Meike MK320 ? thank you in anticipation ?
  13. Fuji XT2 with Cactus V6 II & Canon 600EXRT Does anyone know if I can have the Cactus V6 II trigger on the XT2 and then a Cactus V6 II trigger on a Canon 600EXRT flash and they will work in all modes including HSS.
  14. Hello Can anyone tell me if the Cactus RF60 flash will work with the Fuji XT2 in high speed sync mode while it's on camera. All I can seem to find out is that it works off camera in high speed synce while using the Cactus V6 trigger. Thenks
  15. Hello I tried to use my Canon 600RT flash with my Fuji XT2 in full manual mode on camera with the shutter set at 250 and below. Then set my Canon 600RT flash into manual mode and adjusted the zoom coverage to my lens focal length. But I just can't get the Canon flash to fire while on the XT2 for some reason. So has anyone got any idea why it won't fire as it should do in manual mode. There must be something in firmware of the flash or the camera preventing the flash from firing. So anyone else tried using a Canon flash on the XT2 or any other Fuji camera and had the same issue. As of now I don't have any other flash apart from the little one that comes with the XT2 and that fires just fine.
  16. Good day everyone, Anyone can confirm if the Phottix Odin II (the new one) transmitter works on Fujifilm X cameras? At the very least, will it enable dumb triggering, or even better, manual remote power control? Understood that TTL will not work due to compatibility, but I don't need TTL. The old Odin TCU was confirmed not to work, and I'm hoping the second version fares better. Looking to use the Odin system for both my Nikon and X100S.
  17. Hello! I am hoping that someone can help me to use my speedlight (Yongnuo 568EX) at shutter speeds faster than 1/500 sec on my new x100T. I am triggering with the Yongnuo 603C (version 1). I don't know if the problem is with the flash, the trigger or my settings. I set the settings as I'd read (turn off Silent Mode, turn off Preview Exposure, use Mechanical Shutter, set to External Flash, etc.) but I am loosing the flash once I set it to 1/1000 sec, and I don't know what else to do. I appreciate any assistance you all might be able to offer. Thanks in advance! Steve
  18. Hello! I am hoping that someone can help me to use my speedlight (Yongnuo 568EX) at shutter speeds faster than 1/500 sec on my new x100T. I am triggering with the Yongnuo 603C (version 1). I don't know if the problem is with the flash, the trigger or my settings. I set the settings as I'd read (turn off Silent Mode, turn off Preview Exposure, use Mechanical Shutter, set to External Flash, etc.) but I am loosing the flash once I set it to 1/1000 sec, and I don't know what else to do. I appreciate any assistance you all might be able to offer. Thanks in advance! Steve
  19. Hi I have question for people who are using Meike MK320 flash with fujifilm x-t1. Previously I used it with x-pro1 camera and manulal lenses and it was working flawlesly in TTL mode. I've set up 1/60 of second and lowest possible ISO. When I shoot photos the flash unit fired single pre-flash to make the calculations and another to lighten the scene. Now I have X-T1 and Mk320 desn't make pre-flash. It works fine with XF lenses because they transfer f-stop data to flash unit automatically but with manual lenses there is a problem. I can't belive that potentially higher level camera can't do pre-flash. I think I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. Someone had the same problem?
  20. Hello, It's my first post, and I honestly have a great hope in finding the right answer. Before posting anything, I did Google the problem. And I didn't find any reasonable answer. I got the Metz 36 AF 4 flash for less that 25Euro (NOS) It works fine with Canon 650d, but I wanna use it in manual mode with Fujifilm XE 2. Nomatter what I do, I cant make it flash with Fuji. Is there any checklist of settings that I should do, in order to make sure that my Fujifilm XE 2 is set up correctly in order to work properly with an external flash in manual mode? AFAIK, any external flash that has safe voltage, should work a least in manual mode. Any advice is appreciated.
  21. excalibur2811

    Flash gun versus Video lamp

    Hi All, The XT-1 came with a small flash, but I will need a proper one sooner or later. I was thinking of getting a "Yong Nuo". Any opinions on this please? Or suggestions for anything different? Meanwhile, someone I know gave me a video lamp - specifically a "Cullman Video Lamp CL 200". This was previously used for video shooting. It does not have a hot shoe - basically its just a lamp with a diffuser and the light lasts for 17 minutes. I would like to ask whether this sort of lighting is a viable alternative to a flashgun. Common sense would seem to indicate that a constant light source would be easier for the camera in terms of calculating exposure etc? Thanks. John
  22. Just purchased X100t as my "take everywhere" camera. Tired of lugging my 5DIII around. I'll be at a series of indoor and evening events where I'll want to take candids and fun portraits of people and I want to use on-camera flash. I don't want to hook up my Nikon Speedlight on manual (too big), so wondering what people are liking as best options for small flash? Is the Fuji EF-X20 the best option? From reviews, looks like it might recycle slowly? I'm perfectly fine with manual settings, TTL is nice, but not required.
  23. X-A2, flash is disabled, flash menu item is disabled. Other threads say check Silent Mode, however I confirmed Silent Mode is off. What are the other options for enabling flash option?
  24. Using a Fujifilm X-M1 camera and recently purchased an EF-42 shoe mount flash. I was able to use it successfully a couple of times, but now the flash doesn't go off when shooting. I tried different settings, auto, manual and others and the flash just doesn't go off. The flash does respond to the camera, adjusting in TTL mode, to when I zoom, shuts off when I turn off the camera, so obviously they are communicating. I tried using a buddy's canon flash on my camera, which didn't work, however, my flash worked on a Canon body. Not sure what I am missing, certainly hope it is just a setting. Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  25. Hi, I bought the Fuji EF-42, but no flash stand came with it. I can't seem to find a specific stand online for this flash model. Can anyone help? Thanks
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