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Found 9 results

  1. So just what the heck DO you do (for photography, that is) in the winter when it's constantly gray and gloomy as all hell and there's not much foliage on plants and you don't have the coin to go either someplace much warmer or much colder where - in either instance - there's some sunlight? I just bought a mint, new-to-me XT-1 to go with my XE-1, a 14, and an 18-55. While I'm waiting to snag a good used 55-200 to complete the kit for an Alaskan cruise this summer, I'd like to get somewhat familiar with the XT-1 but the weather here in the southeast corner of Tennessee has just sucked for the last month or so and I have no motivation at all. Back in the day when I did this for a living, fear kept me going, calling on clients or prospects and shooting portfolio stuff in the studio and praying the phone would ring but now, I can't get jazzed about playing the scales, as it were. So how do you do it? Or do you? Inquiring minds and all that...
  2. I've had an article published on the "Dear Susan" website, where I give my reaction to the "Unsplash" website, which allows members to give away royalty free high resolution photographs. It includes a number of my physique sports competition photographs from South East Asia (sample below). Dear Susan is a website devoted to photography and travel, is camera brand agnostic (although some of the contributors use Fuji cameras) and is often a source of interesting viewpoints and polite discussion. Do take a look and leave a comment.
  3. pintoamaralricardo

    Photography exhibition in Lisbon

    Hello!I would like to invite you all for a photography exhibition that I´m going to do in Lisbon, Portugal, from January 5, 2017 until January 28, at Fábrica Braço de Prata.All the photographs were made by a Fujifilm X-E1 and a XF-60 macro lens!Here is the link of the event created on facebook, for your query:Https://www.facebook.com/events/355408731493832/I left you with a general image of the 30 photographs that will be part of the exhibition, as well as an image for publicity and representative of it.Best regards,Ricardo Amaral.
  4. Hi all, So we just completed a review of shooting street photography, with the SLR Magic 23mm lens. The review is here Shooting street with the SLR Magic 23mm on a Fuji XT1. We hope you find it useful. Have a great day everyone.... Blupace
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking to become a wedding photographer full-time. I had my first wedding in July of this year, which went really well. I mainly used the XT1 and XPro-1 on the day as I was having problems with my Canon at the time. In the end I sold my Canon gear and have never looked back. I'm thinking of selling the XF 18mm and XF 27mm, so I can put the money towards the XF 50-140mm. Would this be a wise decision? This would be my first zoom lens on the X system as I mainly use primes. The OIS looks really appealing to me especially under low light conditions. Would any of you recommend this lens? Kind regards, Paul
  6. I stopped using 500px long time ago, as a professional photographer my main concern was that they: TAKE the TOTAL ownership of uploaded content. Might not be the case for pro account but for the free ones it is in their Terms and Conditions. Recently I was "spammed" to check out a site called YouPic. I must say I really enjoyed the Experience, much more 2015 than 500px. Also as you might have guessed I totally checked out the terms and conditions on YouPic and they do not steal rights to the photos. 500px does unfortunately. I think they will lose many users to the new kid in town. The concentration on YouPic seems to be about inspiration and getting better photos. And the amazing 10 000 views in less than 2 days on my photography was a wow experience.
  7. Hi all, So I thought I would share a post that we wrote over the past few days. It is a topic we find to be interesting, as such we spent a few weeks capturing moments with the XT1 and 56mm, to represent what prompts our thoughts and discussions. We hope you find it of interest, or at the very least useful in offering an alternative perspective. Apologies in advance for any spelling and punctuation issues :-P Socially Disconnected in a Connected World
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