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Found 11 results

  1. At long last, my review of Ichikawa software's "SilkyPix Developer Studio Pro v8" has been published on the "Dear Susan" website. It gives an overview of SilkyPix and it's features and controls, how to use it, and compares the quality of results with Capture One. I have used it for several years on raw files from a number of cameras including Fuji X system, and always found the quality of the results. Please take a look at the article and feel free to leave some feedback over at Dear Susan.
  2. If I'm shooting in RAW and set the camera to one of the Film Simulation modes such as Monochrome or Sepia, will I still have the original RAW image with all the colors etc.? It seems like it only makes sense that RAW is RAW and I would still have the image as it hit the sensor. Assuming that I do have the RAW file, if I'm using a program such as Adobe Lightroom or ACR, when I download the photo into my computer will the preview show as the film simulation mode or RAW and in either case how do I get the photo to the other state?
  3. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I recently got the X-T2 after shooting (Raw only) with the XT-1 for a while, a camera for which i was very happy with the result i was getting. As i am now in a testing phase of the X-T2 i shot strictly JPEGs over the weekend, using the Kodachrome, Velvia and Acros settings. now, by looking at the results, a lot of them are really not that sharp, and quite a few look like they are "patchy" or noisy - and this is with enough speed, low iso and almost exclusively F2..does anyone have the same experience? or does the JPEG filter process take "over" the image that much that it makes it look almost "animated" in the details images were all shot handheld looking forward to your thoughts and comments
  4. Alsacienne

    XT2 Raw + JPEG Imports into LR

    hi, just got a new XT2 and went out to put it through its paces. I have an XT1 and an X100S. I have two questions relating to LR imports: 1. I shot with card 1 as raw and card 2 as jpeg. I'm able to import the raw files with no problem into LR, but when I put in the Jpeg card, the files are greyed out and prevents me from importing these files. Is there a setting on import I need to be aware of so both sets of files can be imported? 2. I'm likely showing my ignorance here, but when I import the raw files, the film simulations I tried out disappear. Do the film simulations only apply to jpeg files? Or is there a setting on import I need to activate to retain the characteristics of the various film simulations? Many thanks in advance! Michele
  5. Anyone give the latest ON1 release a try? Was curious what your experiences were thus far.
  6. I just received my Fuji XT2. Love the XT1 which I am converting to infrared. But the manual which came with the XT2 is lame. I want info on what I can do in RAW. Can I use HDR with RAW? Pano with RAW? Searched the manual and cannot find the answer. Help!
  7. C1 version 9.1.1 just released with support for uncompressed X-Pro2 RAW files. Compressed RAW still a work in progress I hope.
  8. Hey, noticed something a little annoying about the X-Pro2 regarding deleting RAW + JPEG Files. I have my dual card slot setup to be RAW/JPEG, meaning RAW gets recorded to Slot 1, JPEG gets recorded to Slot 2. So, when I shoot RAW+JPEG, as I usually do, both RAW & JPEG get recorded corrected and into their respective slots, 1 & 2. Now, when I go to playback the images I have taken and I see something I want to delete, I cannot delete both RAW & JPEG files at the same time?!.. unlike previous cameras where it will delete both files for you. I'm usually set to review slot 1 with RAW file and I delete it.. but, the jpeg remains.. I have to actually switch to slot 2 and locate the same image and delete the jpeg like that. one or two pics, provided they're not buried deep or scattered widely apart amongst a large number of photos you may have take, would still be a pain in the ass to delete both unwanted RAW & JPEG files. Is there a work around this so the camera is intelligent enough to delete both RAW+JPEG files at the same time so I don't have to do double duty to clean up my sd cards? If not, looks like this needs to be addressed for future firmware update ASAP! Thanks in advance.
  9. As we all know, Fujifilm's X Series cameras have been well regarded for their quality JPG output, many photographers have chosen to work with JPGs exclusively and forego the needs of complicated RAW post processing. That being said, Fujifilm's RAF RAW files provide photographers with an incredible amount of data and dynamic range to work with, it's easy to push an image to new levels with careful post processing while maintaining great image quality. I thought it would be interesting to poll the community and see how our members prefer to shoot with their cameras. Myself personally? I had been shooting RAW+JPG for years, I liked having the safety net, but I started to get tired of having to manage all the extra data. Now I shoot RAW only for my professional work, because I know I'll always want to push them in post. Almost all of my personal travel photos I now shoot JPG only, for ease of use. I just have to be honest with myself about what I intend to do with the photos - most of my personal snapshots never get shared or printed, they're just nice memories. Every so often when I do shoot RAW+JPG, I find sometimes I prefer the JPG and can never get the RAW file to match it. I must not be the only one?
  10. Hi all, just want to inform about some news on SilkyPix Developer Studio 6. They included film simulation color profiles especially for Fuji cameras in the software. ( http://www.silkypix.eu/silkypix-announced-new-revisions-dspro-6-0-24-0-and-ds-6-1-24-0/ ) Also seen that they´ll offer 99€ instead of 196€ as a black friday campaign. Price will be available from today 16:00 CET - time enough to check out the trial version... Cameras with "Film Simulation" support: X10, X20, X30, X100, X100S, X100T, XF1, XQ1, XQ2, X-A1, X-A2, X-E1, X-E2, X-M1, X-S1, X-Pro1, X-T1, X-T10 Best regards, JR
  11. Today Adobe released Camera Raw 9.1.1 for Photoshop CS6, CC, and Lightroom. Source: http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2015/07/camera-raw-9-1-1-is-now-available.html Has anyone had a chance to try out the new update yet? The big improvement for Fuji X photographers is noted as a bug fix, "Improved speed of loading Fujifilm X-Trans RAW images." That's definitely been a weak link with processing X-Trans RAW files, they always seem to take so much longer to render compared to traditional camera's RAW files, particularly in Lightroom. I'll be updating my computer soon, I'll report back on speed improvements in Lightroom 5.
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