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Found 5 results

  1. Well, more bad news about my X-Pro 2. I've just returned from a nights shooting, checking my gear, and putting it away. I noticed that the entire shutter assembly has fallen off, and I can see down inside the camera. So, I can't turn it on, let alone take pictures. A few months ago, my entire eyepiece assembly fell off, that was two weeks repair at Fuji UK, now another crucial part of the camera has fallen off. Not what I expect from as supposedly "professional" camera. Have to say, I am getting really fed up with this camera falling apart on me.
  2. I am finding the position of the Q button, on the X100F, is the only irritating design flaw on the camera. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, of the Q button on the X-Pro 2. I'm wondering a/ Is everyone else irritated by this?, and b/ Does anybody use the Q menu? As far as I'm concerned it is unnecessary, and if it is used by some, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the button was somewhere else.
  3. johnwillyums

    Summer offer on X-Pro 2

    Fuji making a good offer, X-Pro 2 + a couple of lenses : http://fujifilm-email.com/1Y2T-51JRY-69FYLEQ6EC/cr.aspx
  4. roryp

    Crepuscular rays over Red Dykes

    Just wanted to counter the notion that you can't do landscapes with a 90mm ;)
  5. johnwillyums


    The highly unusual feeling of being looked down upon by John Cooper. A man of small stature. and here is Alastair, who looks remarkable foe 72, and loves colourful shirts, doing his one eyed pointing gesture

    © John Williams

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