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Found 53 results

  1. veejaycee


    © Vic Chapman 2015

  2. Ulrich Großmann


    Lyon 2016; EMC Dinner;
  3. I am still hanging on to my X-Pro 1 but existing case needs to be replaced and I have spotted a few halfcases – nothing on the back, little on the sides and mounted with a screw in the tripod mount. But nowadays most of these are for X-Pro2; is the tripod mount in the exact same location? The AF switch? Surely, someone will be quick and point that I should just move on to X-Pro 2 - and I might at some point. Maybe I should just buy a case, and if doesn’t fit, buy the X-Pro 2…
  4. I've previously owned a X-Pro 1 and x100, but ultimately ditched them for film, and eventually Leica. I've really enjoyed using zone focusing and taking autofocus out of the equation. I'm currently saving my pennies for a Leica 21 Super-Elmar, but geeeeeeeezzzz it's expensive. With prices on the used market, I'm being tempted by an x-series camera 14 f2.8 and 23 f2. in my previous experience, zone focusing on an X had two big drawbacks: the INCREDIBLY conservative DoF scale shutter lag in manual mode, it appeared that the aperture would stop down and the camera would meter after the release was pressed and before the shutter would fire. Have these issues been addressed through firmware updates or the new cameras? Anyone out there with both Leicas and X Series that can comment on zone focusing with both?
  5. DaveG


    Slimming down my equipment so have the following for sale:- X-Pro2 X-Pro1 18mm f2 23mm f1.4 35mm f1.4 60mm f2.8 Macro X-Pro 1 & 23mm minimal signs of use. Everything else as new. All items c/w box, accessories etc Message me for more info or pics if interested. Based in the UK
  6. Slimming down my equipment so have the following for sale:- X-Pro2 X-Pro1 18mm f2 23mm f1.4 35mm f1.4 60mm f2.8 Macro X-Pro 1 & 23mm minimal signs of use. Everything else as new. All items c/w box, accessories etc Message me for more info or pics if interested. Based in the UK
  7. This is essentially an old topic since it dates back to the X-Pro1, but since the X-Pro2 is out, I think it's still a relevant question and potential problem. As X-Pro1 owners already know the cap/cover for the most under-utilized feature on the camera would be that pc sync terminal is unique in that it is push in type and the the typical screw in one.. so, it's damn easy to lose.. just lost mine the other day. Sadly, there never seem to have been any replacement part offered by Fuji... after all this time.. and from what I can see, the X-Pro2 has the same stupid sync terminal that takes a unique push in type cap/cover. Now, I have the X-Pro2 on order and I anticipate this cap/cover to still be an issue.. I wouldn't' be so concerned, but the X-Pro2 is now weather sealed and if you lose the sync terminal cap/cover, and there is no replacement part offered by Fujifilm, then the X-Pro2's weather sealing is permanently compromised?.. Does this make sense to any of you guys/gals? I've sent my concern to Fujifilm via an email.. good luck waiting for a proper response, huh? Still, don't you think this is a major oversight and needs to be addressed?.. Really sucks if an opening and potential breach in weather sealing on such a expensive and high end camera has no quick and easy fix such as offering a replacement cap.. that's all it takes, but some reason Fujifilm doesn't seem to think it's important enough to address and offer.. what do you have to do?.. send in the camera just to get a replacement cap?.. buy another X-Pro just for spare parts just for this one little cap? I believe I've done my homework to see if I could find a replacement cap, but no luck. Anybody know of a suitable replacement cap?
  8. As most of us already know, the Fuji image files look awesome. To be fair, image files from any camera these days will look really good, but there's something really special about the way the Fujifilm X Series cameras portray color and tone. While the Fuji image processors play a part in this, much of the Fuji mojo is due to the X-Trans sensor. With its proprietary non-Bayer pattern design, the X-Trans sensor reproduces color in a unique way that's different from the way it's done in just about every other digital camera. In my search to figure out what's really going on here, it occurred to me, (and was verified by a few of the Fuji reps and engineers), that the X-Trans sensor is actually very "film-like." It's much more so than most other sensors, and this is no accident. In designing the X-Trans sensor, the Fuji engineers looked back as much as they looked forward. Trying to preserve the heritage and legacy of traditional photography, they designed the "random" array on the X-Tran sensor so that it resembles the randomness of film. As we know, film was essentially silver halide glitter that was poured into a bowl of jelly and smeared onto a plastic base. There was nothing "regular" about the way grain looked in film, and although the X-Trans sensor isn't totally random, it does closely match the look of actual film grain, especially when it comes to the distribution of the green sensitive pixels. Compare that with an actually cross section of Autochrome Lumiere film from the early 1900s. It's amazing how close the pattern looks to the X-Trans sensor pattern. Also, compare the two image below, one is a scan from a Velvia slide, and the other is JPEG file from the X-T2. You can see an expanded version of this topic on my blog, along with more image examples. I've even got a side by side comparison of the grain in ACROS next to the old T-MAX 3200 film. I'm fascinated by this idea, let me know your thoughts! Below: An enlargement of the grain on an original Fujifilm Velvia slide film image. Below: An enlargement of an X-T2 JPEG file.
  9. Hi I have question for people who are using Meike MK320 flash with fujifilm x-t1. Previously I used it with x-pro1 camera and manulal lenses and it was working flawlesly in TTL mode. I've set up 1/60 of second and lowest possible ISO. When I shoot photos the flash unit fired single pre-flash to make the calculations and another to lighten the scene. Now I have X-T1 and Mk320 desn't make pre-flash. It works fine with XF lenses because they transfer f-stop data to flash unit automatically but with manual lenses there is a problem. I can't belive that potentially higher level camera can't do pre-flash. I think I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. Someone had the same problem?
  10. Hey Folks, Hope y'all are well! A little about myself, My first dance with fuji was with the X100! loved it so much i bought a X-E1 when it was first launched! I took them both to Japan for a vacation and ended up with some of my favorite images from those 2 cameras. I've since sold them and gone through the X100s and now own the 100t & X-T1. Like many here I've always been interested about the X-Pro1, However I came across a crazy deal on a slightly used pro1 that I couldn't resist. My original intent for the camera is to have it as a fun goof around camera and as a backup for gigs (rather than renting) . But the more I read about how better it performs with the firmware updates almost makes me wonder if its good enough to use for paid gigs. Im here to see if anyone has tried it with the 35mm f2. This is a blazing fast lens on my X-T1. So I was wondering if its speed matches up well with the xpro1 as i might just have that lens live on the pro1. Would love to hear from you guys. Thanks!
  11. veejaycee


    The actual minis used in the making of the original Italian job film. The are parked on top of the palisades they once raced past in the film and 100 yds from the spot where Michael Caine uttered the words, "you were only supposed to blow the b***y doors off!"
  12. veejaycee


    1934 supercharged Wolsley Hornets waiting their turn at a hill climb race on part of the old Crystal Palace motor race circuit.
  13. ishrios

    Perfect travel Kit?

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is good. I have an upcoming trip to Japan next month, I'm debating on what gear i should take with me on this trip. I'm stuck on keeping it a simple kit and forcing myself to use 1 focal length/zoom or going all out and taking several lenses and bodies. Right now I have a X-T1 , X100T & X-Pro1 - 18-55 ,27mm 2.8 & 35mm f2. What are you guys using for traveling or consider a great travel kit? Should I look into buying a telephoto in case I need it? Thanks everyone!
  14. veejaycee

    Brixton people #5

    ISO 200, f8 @ 1/210

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  15. veejaycee

    Brixton people #4

    ISO 1000, f4 @ 1/125 + sepia in PP.

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  16. veejaycee

    Brixton people #3

    ISO500, f4 @ 1/125 + sepia in PP.

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  17. veejaycee

    Brixton people #2

    ISO 200, f8 @ 1/340 + sepia in PP.

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  18. veejaycee

    Brixton people #1

    ISO 200, 1/640 @ f1.4 + a hint of sepia in PP.

    © Vic Chapman 2016

  19. schwallier

    New X-Pro1 (to me)

    I've been a long time portrait photographer shooting exclusively with Nikon, but I thought I would take advantage of the great prices on the X-Pro1 with a couple of lenes, the 56mm f1.2 and the 35mm f1.4 for 3/4 and full length. I did my first portrait session with the Fuji and 56mm last night with the Nikon D800 sitting close by just in case. I was like a young boy at Christmas pulling up the images. OMG! I have drunk the punch. Every single image was sharp with a fantastic blend from highlight to shadow. Love It! The Nikon never got a chance for a frame. Now if only Adobe would get the tethering option for the X-Pro1, et al.
  20. veejaycee


    Sunny day on London's Southbank.
  21. Hi all, If you're interested, I took this out for a shoot today. Gotta admit - it was really good fun to use. http://capitalfaces.com/2016/01/30/fujifilm-xm-fl-gloriously-crap/ all the best.
  22. Seeing as its days are numbered (and I'm always late to the party) here is my three year plus, real world review of the X-Pro 1. Long time coming, I know... http://capitalfaces.com/2015/11/07/3-year-real-world-review-fujifilm-x-pro-1/ Say what you want about the X-Pro 1 - and many do - but I wouldn't be taking pictures today if it wasn't for this camera and the joy that comes with using it. Even when the X-Pro 2 comes out, its going nowhere. Cheers all.
  23. Luminous Landscape site published my story from Amdo and Kham provinces of old Tibet, shot mostly with X-Pro1 with X100s as backup. https://luminous-landscape.com/forgotten-land-defiant-people-tibet/ Full sets of pictures (about 186) here, albums 3 to 6: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112698197@N08/albums Enjoy!
  24. Getting a bit confused with this one. What I want to know is what lens adaptor do I get for my X Pro 1 to take the Nikon F2.8 Series D 105mm Micro Lens. There seem to be a bunch of makes available and the prices seem to vary a lot. If any of the members can give me an idea what to get I would be really pleased. What do you use? Model numbers/Catalogue #. Many Thanks!!
  25. veejaycee

    Fashion shoot with Fuji

    Really worth watching. Pt one is just interview - 2 & 3 is where the shooting happens. Quote, "histogram - yeah I've heard of them". You'll find pt 1 in the youtube sidebar. Pt 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdUV6Z_2R1k Pt 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-e6nQegLR8
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