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Found 24 results

  1. Good day everyone, Anyone can confirm if the Phottix Odin II (the new one) transmitter works on Fujifilm X cameras? At the very least, will it enable dumb triggering, or even better, manual remote power control? Understood that TTL will not work due to compatibility, but I don't need TTL. The old Odin TCU was confirmed not to work, and I'm hoping the second version fares better. Looking to use the Odin system for both my Nikon and X100S.
  2. I'm a hobbyist who will readily admit she does not know much about cameras. I saw this rig the other day (Fuji X100 with a Spiratone 0.15x Fish-Eye Camera Lens attached) and wanted to know how in the world an adapter was found to connect the two (I have come across this exact Spiratone lens and now own it). I've searched high and low for information about the use of adapter rings and such with this camera and have come up dry. If anyone has the knowledge of what I could do/buy and can explain in laymen's terminology, I would be indebted to you!!
  3. Recently I purchased the X-T2. For about a year I wondered about purchasing the X100F. Eventually I felt it was a head verses heart decision: my head said buy the T2; my heart said buy the X100F. I have very fond memories of my first Fujifilm camera - the innovative, quirky and frustrating x100. The X100 was so simple - yet offered so much in the one camera. With a few software updates it was really practical. But . . . it didn't offer the ability to change the lens. I missed the telephoto and a super wide angle which I had enjoyed using a film camera. Due to the limitations of the x100, I then bought the X-E1 with the 18-55 lens. It was going cheap because the X-E2 was coming onto the market and it provided a small body with a similar rangefinder viewer. All good. I quickly bought the 14 mm and it didn't disappoint me. After about a year, I gave the x100 to my daughter who lived interstate. She was very happy to receive it. It looked 'cool'. Her friends were envious, especially the art student men she rubbed shoulders with at uni. And it was used extensively to record her art development for her assignments. Toward the end of her undergraduate university degree, she took it to Indonesia several times. The most recent trip was for whole of 2017 to the outback of West Timor. The environment was rough roads, village living and no reliable electricity. She took great photos of the locals, the giant Komodo dragons and the landscape. It is still working fine. There is even, perhaps to the surprise of many on this forum, no dust in the viewfinder. The picture of the X100 above was taken yesterday before it disappeared into her bag again and went off to a week at the beach house of her boyfriend's family. The decision had to be made. My heart said, "Go the X100F". But the X-T2 beckoned. Common sense said, "Look, you have five great lenses: you need a body to use them on." True. I needed a better viewfinder than what the X-E1 offered, especially on a bright day, with a quicker refresh rate. I am a left eye shooter, and I was getting tired of the squint from my left eye and the mess left on the screen from my nose. The T2 solved all these problems. Its viewfinder is fabulous. I needed a better sensor and I wanted the Across and Chrome etc simulations which the X-E1 lacked. The T2 had them. However, the new camera had to be bigger than the X-T20, especially when the 2.2 pound/1 kg, 50-140 f2.8 zoom was attached, or even the 23mm f1.4. The T2 solved this balance and handling issue too. But I still miss the simplicity, the freedom that limitation ensures when you work with a X100. Every camera is designed with a particular need in mind which it will service. The T2 is, as one reviewer put it, ". . . like a Swiss Army knife or a 'jack-of-all-trades' camera." It certainly is. I know I must read the manual or buy Rico Pfirstinger's book of tips on how to use it. But I still miss the X100 series, the romance of just having that camera available to snap away or stop and frame a serious picture, knowing it is equipped to perform and will get it, I am going on a trip overseas for about 5 - 6 weeks in three months time which will require me to keep everything light and simple. There will be plenty of walking around old European cities, galleries and so on. It might then be the time to buy a used X100F to take with me.
  4. At some point, another X100 will be released. What I'd like to see is a newer 23mm lens, that sticks about 5 mm further out so it is easy to use the aperture dial. I'd like to see the ISO set from a button on the D pad, and the removal of the dial on the front hand handgrip and also from its current set up on the shutter speed timer. I'd also like to see a little zoom lens developed that can be screwed onto the camera's lens (like the TCL teleconversion lens), that runs from 35mm to 50 mm with about a half turn to move from 35mm to 50 mm. The aperture could be 2.8 and still be useful given the high ISO now available with the bigger sensor. This would hopefully keep the front lens of the zoom smaller than the current TCL 35 mm lens adapter. I know that there is the cropping ability provided in the camera, but I would prefer to retain the 24 MB ability. With the little zoom capability, I would probably sell my ever expanding kit of lenses and bodies and simplify things again.
  5. MikeWebb

    X100 for sale UK

    May I apologise for appearing to make a for sale posting as my first action. I have lurked for years and I thought I had an account but apparently not. This is the original X100 that started the Fuji retro roll.About 4 years ago I held one and placed my order the next day. I used it for about 80% of my photographs using my X-Pro for the other 20%. This camera just takes photographs. It takes technically good photographs leaving you to add the creativity. The ONLY reason I'm selling is because I bought the X100F - which if you can afford it you should buy, today, now. That said I could have used the X100 for another 4 years quite happily. A3+ prints no problem. Anyway, the camera comes as pictured here https://www.gumtree.com/p/digital-cameras/fujifilm-x100-the-original/1273145591 (I can't seem to upload images easily so this is quick and easy but you know what you're buying anyway)The original battery with three third party ones. A third party charger as the Fuji one broke. Original strap All the boxes which are really swish A spare screen protector as I made a mess of fitting the original one - as you can see there are bubbles. So you can fit the replacement, I just lived with it. Been fitted from day one. Lens and mechanicals are all fine, it just works. Up to date firmware I will try and find the CD and cable that came with it. No real scuffs etc. - at least I can't see any. There is some inevitable dust in the optical viewfinder but you can't see it in use It was bought as refurbished from Fuji UK which I usually do because then you know a real technician has examined it and you get a better price. Any questions just get in touch. Ideally we meet and exchange cash but anything is possible. Delivery will be extra if by post or courier, but at cost. I'm hoping to get £300 but you can make an offer.
  6. The Fuji X100 uses standard 49mm lens filters, but requires the use of an adaptor ring to make the connection and give enough clearance for the lens to extend during macro mode. If you don't plan on using the official Fujifilm lens hood, and think $50 is too much for a simple adaptor ring, I've come across this inexpensive solution on X100 user ProphecyBlur's blog: There are a few on eBay now for as low as $6 USD, and £8 from UK sellers, take a look. Might be a nice addition to the camera bag if you only plan on using filters on rare occasions.
  7. Rob Down Under

    Simpson and his donkey

    Here in Australia we commemorate the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli in Turkey on the 25 April 1915. It marked our entry into the First World War. John Simpson Kirkpatrick was a was a stretcher bearer with the 1st Australian Division during the Gallipoli Campaign in World War I. After landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915, Simpson began to use donkeys to provide first aid and carry wounded soldiers to the beach, for evacuation. Simpson and the donkeys continued this work for three and a half weeks, often under fire, until he was killed, during the Third attack on Anzac Cove. "Simpson and his Donkey" are a part of the "Anzac legend". (Wikipedia)
  8. I have bought a new X100T. Because: My X100 has a broken LCD monitor screen. Looks OK, but shows a colourful star when turned on. What to do with old X100? Repair? Sell as-is?
  9. slackjawgaze


  10. FRAN

    Lonesome rose

    Waiting lunch time at my sister-in-law's garden in Quito (Ecuador).
  11. FRAN

    A beautiful light

    The X100 has the capacity of capturing the light. It was in Quito (Ecuador) at avilla's construction site.
  12. On my way to el Parque del Condor (a wildlife sanctuary) I got this beautiful view of the San Pablo's lake.
  13. Arya


    Pacific Coast Highway near Cannon Beach, OR
  14. Christopher

    Phoenix Valley

    © Christopher Marks

  15. Arya


  16. Arya

    Out on the town

    San Francisco, CA July 2015
  17. Arya

    Gray Days

    San Francisco, CA July 2015
  18. Arya

    A on the BART

    On the BART somewhere between Concord and San Francisco
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