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Found 12 results

  1. I have seen the x70 manual, where slow sync is avail from the flash modes. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x70/shooting/flash/index.html I can not figure out how to get the 'slow synchro' option, regardless of full auto, or partial auto modes. All I have is: Forced, Commander, External & Suppressed. And I'm guessing Rear curtain is not available? I also don't understand why I can't choose any flash setting in Electronic Shutter mode. Thank you for any insight.
  2. As most of us already know, the Fuji image files look awesome. To be fair, image files from any camera these days will look really good, but there's something really special about the way the Fujifilm X Series cameras portray color and tone. While the Fuji image processors play a part in this, much of the Fuji mojo is due to the X-Trans sensor. With its proprietary non-Bayer pattern design, the X-Trans sensor reproduces color in a unique way that's different from the way it's done in just about every other digital camera. In my search to figure out what's really going on here, it occurred to me, (and was verified by a few of the Fuji reps and engineers), that the X-Trans sensor is actually very "film-like." It's much more so than most other sensors, and this is no accident. In designing the X-Trans sensor, the Fuji engineers looked back as much as they looked forward. Trying to preserve the heritage and legacy of traditional photography, they designed the "random" array on the X-Tran sensor so that it resembles the randomness of film. As we know, film was essentially silver halide glitter that was poured into a bowl of jelly and smeared onto a plastic base. There was nothing "regular" about the way grain looked in film, and although the X-Trans sensor isn't totally random, it does closely match the look of actual film grain, especially when it comes to the distribution of the green sensitive pixels. Compare that with an actually cross section of Autochrome Lumiere film from the early 1900s. It's amazing how close the pattern looks to the X-Trans sensor pattern. Also, compare the two image below, one is a scan from a Velvia slide, and the other is JPEG file from the X-T2. You can see an expanded version of this topic on my blog, along with more image examples. I've even got a side by side comparison of the grain in ACROS next to the old T-MAX 3200 film. I'm fascinated by this idea, let me know your thoughts! Below: An enlargement of the grain on an original Fujifilm Velvia slide film image. Below: An enlargement of an X-T2 JPEG file.
  3. jimgolden

    WTT / FS - x70 with VF for x100T

    hello - looking for someone who might want to trade an x100T for x70 with external viewfinder. love the x70, but want the finder from the x100 series back in my life. the x70 is a super compact, wonderful tool, I've carried it everywhere all summer long and gotten great results, especially for candid and street stuff. x70 with external Fuji optical viewfinder, lens hood (comes with ring for conversion lenses) all boxes and documentation. I'll sell straight across for $750 (paid nearly $1k new with accessories), but would really love to do a trade email me jim at jimgoldenstudio dot com
  4. Hi All, I'm new to the photography scene and have recently purchased a Fujifilm X70. So recently in fact that I haven't taken receipt of it yet. I'm travelling to the Arctic Circle towards the end of the year and will want to take some night shots in the event that I am lucky enough to see the northern lights. Anyone had any experience of taking shots of the night sky with the X70? Any advice on settings, setup and ensuring I don't damage the camera/lens in cold conditions? Any advice will be gratefully received. Dave
  5. Hi friends, I'm not sure I'm in the right forum, but couldn't find any for the x70. My issue is with the ISO settings: when I set it to "Auto 1" with a base of 200 and highest 3200, it ALWAYS shoots everything in 3200, which is super-irritating, needless to say. Even in good daylight it will shoot in 3200. Why is this, am I doing something wrong? All help most welcome, cheers, o.
  6. jcx


    X70, 1/1250 sec at f / 2.8 ISO 200, Astia
  7. jcx


    X70, 1/60 sec at f / 5.6 ISO 800, Classic Chrome
  8. jcx


    X70, 1/60 sec at f / 2.8 ISO 200, Velvia
  9. NigelL


    Olympus OM-1 shot with X70 at The Photography Show 2016, NEC Birmingham
  10. NigelL

    Fujifilm Stand TPS 2016

    The Fujifilm stand at The Photography Show 2016 (NEC, Birmingham), taken with an X70
  11. veejaycee

    18mm - rediscovered.

    XP2 + 18mm f2. With mention of the new X70. http://jonasraskphotography.com/2016/02/13/revitalisation-of-18/
  12. A compact fixed lens APS-C camera akin to the X100 line, but with no EVF, has been rumored for quite some time now, said to be called the 'Fujifilm X70.' It appears that the rumors were true, and photos and specs for the upcoming camera have leaked out in advance of it's expected announcement on January 15, 2016. Digicame-info.com released photos of both the silver and black X70 yesterday along with full specifications. The camera and lens design is reminiscent of the X100 line, but the camera is clearly more compact and slender. It features an 18.5mm f/2.8 lens, making its field of view equivalent to a 28mm f/2.8 focal length, wider than the X100's 23mm f/2.0 lens, 35mm equivalent focal length. The camera is also the X series body to feature a touch screen display, allowing focus area selection and tap to shoot options. The display also tilts a full 180 degrees, allowing for easy 'selfies' and a wide range of shooting angles. The specifications speak of a 'digital tele-convertor 35mm and 50mm' which I presume to mean that the camera can crop the field of view to these focal lengths, but at a loss of image resolution. Fujirumors.com translated the specifications as follows: 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor Image processing engine EXR Processor II AF 0.1 seconds. The image plane phase difference AF Shutter lag is 0.01 seconds. Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. Start-up time of 0.5 seconds Customizable control ring LCD monitor three inches 1.04 million dots. 180 Opening tilting For the first time adopted a touch panel in the X series. Focus area selection, touch shot function The lens of the newly developed 18.5mm F2.8 (equivalent 28mm) Digital tele-converter (35mm and 50mm) Auto mode switch Digital split image. Focus peaking Wi-Fi built-in. Remote control shooting Continuous shooting 8 frames / sec in the AF tracking Silent electronic shutter. Top speed is 1/32000 seconds Film simulation mode (including classic chrome) Multi-exposure function Eight of the advanced filter Interval Timer Video Full HD 60fps Body color is black and silver Very interesting specs, it looks to be fully featured! I really like the 28mm focal length, but I'm not sure that I'd ever give up my EVF. There was some talk to a rumored detachable EVF for the X70, but I'm not certain that will ever come to light. What do you think of this new camera?
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