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Found 10 results

  1. sometimes, not always, the auto exposure on my XE2 body goes haywire. I get a washed-out overexposure. Manual exposure is fine. It doesn't happen always. Everything else works fine. No problem with these lenses with my XT1, only the XE2. Why? Any suggestions welcome. Firmware 4.11 lenses, 16 f1.4, 35 f1.4
  2. jabell

    Should I Upgrade?

    Hello all, Considering selling my xe2 and upgrading to the xpro2. Specific things I'm looking for is faster, more accurate low light AF and better ergonomics. Has anyone here made this switch and could share your thoughts?
  3. Hello! I am selling my Fuji X-E2 in near mint condition. I just want something smaller; I got the X100T instead. What you see is what you get below. If you don't see it in the picture, it's not included. Minor scuff on one corner; see photo below. Works perfectly and otherwise body and sensor in perfect condition. Camera has been well taken care of. No dirt, never been dropped or soaked. Works perfectly. Asking: $445Â + $10 shipping. $455Â total. Â Â
  4. Just a quickie set taken at Chinese New Year in London last weekend. First time I really put the XE-2 with the new firmware through its paces. Overall, I'm very impressed - the AF speed on the old 60mm, for example, is much MUCH better (most of the street work in this set were taken with it). The new interface took some time to get used to - but if that's the price you pay for a far snappier camera, I'm cool with that. Still loving that Samyang/Rokinon 12mm too - was so close to the parade I really needed it. And its SO sharp... http://capitalfaces.com/2016/02/20/china-town-for-the-new-year-monkey/ Cheers all - a great weekend to all of you. :-)
  5. Anyone yet tried the upgraded XE2 with the 60mm yet? WOW. I've kept this lens (even though I have the 56mm) because it is so sharp, yet useless on the X-Pro and almost useless on the XE2. Not anymore - on the XE2 this lens flies. I'm so glad, because its optically perfect. All XE2 owners - get the 60mm now. Its amazing, and so much better AF. Be quick, before used prices go up....
  6. karlbown

    X-E1 upgrade time

    I'm thinking of buying a replacement for my X-E1. Apart from the form factor, what are the main differences between the X-E2 and the X-T10? Is the X-T10 clearly better functionally than the E2 or is it a matter of taste? cheers
  7. Price: $75.99 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new Shipping instructions: Free shipping It's like new I'm moving to a different backpack so this one needs to go as well. It's a little over a month old actually. I am also leaving in the insert I made to support a camera body with lense, face down. It is supported with Kydex and has foam blocks that are covered in a material that is a close match to the bag. It also fits a laptop as well and an iPad by the way. Retailing for about $126.00 I paid a bit more actually. Blue inserts, go to timbuk2 here to view images: http://www.timbuk2.com/snoop-slr-camera-case-messenger-bag/144-4-2154.html From the Timbukt2 site: Price is net me as PayPal Friends or add the 3.2% to cover fees. I'll take care of shipping. Shipping is going via Standard Mail with tracking just so you know. USA only. I have great feedback here, MU43, Ebay 100% 10years, Fred Miranda all under my name. Any questions let me know.
  8. Hi All, So, after a quick ten minutes today, I am able to post a few examples from the Zeiss 90mm 'G' fit lens. There is a short write up too - if I can redirect you to my little blog site thingy: http://capitalfaces.com/2015/12/16/zeiss-sonnar-g-90mm-f2-8-quickie-test/ Nothing earth-shattering, image wise, just a test. But its a terrific lens, that I will definitely get plenty of use from. Merry Christmas All, Matt
  9. Comes with body's box, all paperwork and CD. All in pristine condition, no scratches. Both lens caps and a body cap, spare 3rd party battery (works perfectly). Bought around a month ago but I decided I'm sticking to my GR. No box for 27mm, price includes postage, paypal only. Asking price: 430 GBP Can provide my eBay username if you want to check my feedback.
  10. dmward

    FS: XE-2, 18-55, 55-200

    I got the XE-2 as a backup to X Pro 1. As such its seen limited use. Then I got a brace of XT-1s and its now sitting on the shelf hoping for someone to pick it up and love it. The lenses are at the perfect match for the XE-2. They too, are not getting used since I have the F2.8 WR set to go along with the XT-1s. All are near perfect. The camera has a generic, but good, thumb bracket also box, and all the stuff that's inside. Also an L bracket, generic and functional. 55-200 comes with box, hood and caps. 18-55 comes with caps, and an after market hood. I'll put some pictures of the kit into a gallery tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll include some pictures shot with the lenses as well. I've done some looking around various used equipment sites and it appears the kit; camera and two lenses is going for about $1200 US. I'm willing to sell them individually as well. I'll cover PayPal. (I don't do gift option) You cover shipping. That includes Canada and lands beyond, but you'll be responsible for getting it through customs. I'll declare it as a gift if that helps. I have good feedback on FM and PoN. email is best means of communicating. david at dmwfotos dot com
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