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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings! This is a BARGAIN kit (Includes XT-1 Tips book)! I have a MINT Condition Fujifilm XT-1 16MB Digital Mirrorless Camera with a new Fujinon XF 60mm Macro lens, plus several accessories for sale. This is rated as one of the best APS-C mirrorless systems on the market, with top-notch image quality, excellent ergonomics, weather-sealing, and lightweight...a perfect travel kit...Any Fujinon lenses will work with this camera. (For a sample image, the attached image of the Fujinon 60mm Macro lens was taken with this XT-1.) Kit includes the following: Like New Fujifilm XT-1 Graphite body (weather resistant) with latest firmware updates Has 1075 shutter actuations, Rated for 150,000 actuations Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro Lens (A VERY sharp lens!) B+W 39mm F-Pro UV Haze filter Fuji EF-X8 Electronic Flash Fuji Wide Eyecup - accommodates eyeglasses wearers Fuji Vertical Grip (weather resistant like the camera!) original box with camera manual Fuji body cap Fuji strap Fuji software CD Fuji battery Fuji battery charger 16GB SD card LCD Protector New ThinkTANKPhoto Mirrorless Mover 30i shoulder bag PLUS a BONUS if sold fast: "The Fujifilm XT-1 111 X-Pert Tips" book - a $25 value! Will consider first solid offer! PayPal only please. Make me an offer! :-)
  2. Hello All, Am selling sparingly used X-Series system listed as below: XT-1 Black body only - $650 (incl. 1x 32GB Lexar 2000x (300 MB/S) Professional SD Card, 1x Faux Leather Cover + Carry case, 1x Wasabi Power Battery + Charger) XE-1 Silver w/ XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS - $500 (incl. 1x 16GB Sandisk Ultra SD Card, Hoya UV Lens Filter, 1x Extra Battery) XF 35mm F1.4 R - $400 (incl. Fujinon UV Lens Filter) XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro  - $350 (incl. Fujinon UV Lens Filter) XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS - $450 All the items come in their original box w/ owners manual, lens hood, etc. If someone is buying the whole kit, I will throw in Free Shipping (within USA) and a Lowepro shoulder slung camera bag. Do contact me for individual photos. I can also sell any item individually. Reason for sale: I am hardly using them and mostly end up taking photos with my iPhone while traveling. A bit sad that never really got to use all these wonderful tools of photography. Regards, NN
  3. Hi All, Now that I have seen what the XT-1 can do, I really would like to start experimenting with macro photography. Can someone kindly guide me on the basic options I have please? At this stage I am not after buying a dedicated expensive lens but since I might at some point come across some second hand bargain it would at least be good to know what I should be looking out for. New lens aside, is there any fitting that would allow me to focus on and magnify an object using my standard kit lens (18-55 mm)? Thanks. John
  4. Hi All, For the benefit of anyone out there who is still undecided on whether to get this camera I thought it would be good, as a new user myself, to share some (short) first impressions of un-boxing and using the XT-1. First of all, the camera and lens (18-55) both come in their own boxes, complete with paper manuals. I was rather impressed by the fact that someone actually printed the firmware addendum (for the version that was relevant at the time). The camera also comes with a strap, and the lens comes with a hood, both nice touches. Since quality was one of my selection criteria I am pleased to say that I cannot find any major faults in the design or quality in any way. The camera and lens definitely feel like they are quality items. All the buttons feel solid and so on. Basically I can tell you (having tried both) that there is a world of difference in construction terms at least between this camera and say the Nikon D5500 which I was also considering at one point. One word of warning for those who may be expecting a lightweight camera. Don't get me wrong; its not very heavy but it is heavier than say the Nikon D5500 I mentioned earlier. I guess the solid metal body comes at a cost. Not surprisingly - having been looking for the "right" camera for over 2 years - I was quite eager to get to grips with the camera. Unfortunately I was unable to do anything at all in the absence of an SD card. Naively perhaps, I had thought that this was like having a film camera without the film, namely that one could still look through the lens, fiddle about with the settings and so on, just not take any actual photos. Well it is not like that. You just see a message on the back screen that says "No SD card found" or words to that effect. And that was it for the day, although I did at least manage to charge the battery. This took a couple of hours and the charge then lasted all though my (next day) afternoon shoot with energy to spare. So that's good. The next day in question being a Saturday and a really sunny Saturday to boot, I set my mind to giving the camera a good trial run. In the morning I made my way to the shops where I bought a fast 32Gb SD card (for 35 Euros) and later that day set off for our nearby yacht Marina which is located in the maritime city of Vittoriosa. As planned I had brought along my printed manuals (the user manual and the firmware addendum) and then basically walked and read and took photos all afternoon until I had basically gone through most of the functions at least once. Here I have to say that without the user manual it would have been far harder (maybe even impossible) for me to understand what was what, even with all the built in menus and displays, so the inclusion of a printed manual is definitely a plus. Although the session proceeded smoothly, there were two issues in particular which were mildly annoying. The first is that the out-of-the-box eyepiece was simply too small for me to use properly with glasses on without uncomfortably pressing my nose into the back screen. I will now be buying the replacement eyepiece from ebay to sort that out. The second issue was visibility - or rather the lack of it in the rear screen in bright sunlight. After around 15 minutes I was already angry at myself for not having brought along a hat as, not only did I end up with a splitting headache from exposure to the sun, but it is likely that with such a hat there would have been enough shade over both viewfinder and rear screen to have made the whole experience so much more pleasant. I've still got that headache as I type. Lesson learnt. Speaking of rear screen, interestingly I did find the rear flip out screen very useful. Previously I had always considered myself a "die-hard" conservative where it comes to viewfinders. For instance I would not even consider a camera which only had a rear-screen and no viewfinder. And yet, this afternoon I found myself increasingly using the flip-out screen and appreciating the way it allowed me to take photos (for instance of a crane or church belfry) that would otherwise have ended in neck strain. So definitely another major plus there. And the lack of a touch screen did not bother me in the slightest either. At this time I have not yet seen the photos on my monitor, so cannot really conclude anything in terms of photo quality. Nonetheless from a useability perspective its all good. Once again I must stress that the camera is not light and is definitely not pocket-able under any configuration (even if you had the smallest lens in the world). Furthermore the fact that's its case is an all metal construction also means one does need to be careful when setting it down on something - quite frankly it feels heavy enough to get damaged and there is a bit of a solid and worrying "thunk" when case meets surface. As a result I will probably be buying the half-case for it. Well that's it. I shall now go and charge the battery, download the photos from the SD card, and later install the latest firmware. And put a hat in my camera bag, of course. Best. John
  5. Hi All, Quick background: I am 54 years old, returning to photography with a higher budget than when I started out with a Pentax ME-Super some 30 years ago and now more focused on doing it right (thanks to the internet and people like you). So maybe you could call me an "enthusiast with attitude". After 2 years of solid research, this week I went out to the local shops and handled the two cameras in my shortlist, namely the XT-1 and Nikon D5500. Holding the XT-1 was great, but after comparing the look through the viewfinders, it was clear to me that XT-1 was the way to go. That's putting it mildly as my eyes screamed out to me in joy on the XT-1 whilst I was squinting to see anything on the D5500. So one decision made. So its now down to lenses. And I don't really wish to spend another 2 years to work on that. So spare me the agony if you will and help me out. Obviously you might ask me what I want to do with the camera. Well the sky's the limit as I love to experiment but I have a good idea where I want to start. I want general purpose photography capability (family etc), but I also want to focus on portraiture/people/street shots so I was thinking maybe a 35 mm prime? Apart from that maybe some architecture and for sure I want to work with night shots. And of course macro - insects and suchlike. Of course there is a limit to how much I can afford. So my basic "cunning" plan was to go with the 18-55 mm kit lens as a general factotum. And a prime - say a 35 mm for much of the rest. Except for macro; not sure what I would need there. Now, it so happens that I still have have my Pentax ME Super 50 mm prime lens. Its a K mount, so would I find an adapter for it? And would it work as well as say the 35 mm dedicated lens? I appreciate I would have to use manual focus but that's how we used to take photos way back and I have no problem with manual focus at all. Besides the XT-1 apparently makes this easier than most. So would that work? Also, anyone have any links for suitable adapters please? And whilst on lenses, do older film lenses actually work well with the XT-1? I am asking because while I would expect these to be readily available and cheap, no one really seems to talk much about this, which makes me think I am either being a miserable miser by even considering this approach or else it simply does not work for any number of reasons (no adapter available, aesthetic reasons (it looks bad), weight etc.) Any help would be appreciated as lenses are expensive and the wrong decision should ideally be avoided. Any other advice, ditto, since I am far from street-wise yet. Thank you, gentle people. John
  6. Hi all, Can anyone let me know if the 16 Megapixels resolution on the XT-1 has proven to be limiting in any way? Aside from cropping limitations and so on, how large a print can one reasonably expect to produce from such a sensor? Thanks. John
  7. Selling this body with the lens for 1250 plus shipping to CONUS. love the camera but i'm trying to purchase an a7 for full frame. http://imgur.com/a/kSO5M Edit: Forgot to mention that there is a slight circular scratch on the bottom of the camera due to a cheap tripod my friend tried to use on the camera.
  8. Mint condition X-T1 black body. No scratches or marks. Under 5000 clicks. Complete with everything that came with it except the flash. I ill include a new EF20 flash (never used). 3 batteries, 2 chargers, remote release, $899.00 includes priority shipping to USA only.
  9. dmward

    40's Chevy Truck composite

    Just got back from a trip to west coast. Started with a wedding in Seattle and then drove down through Oregon to visit friends and play some golf at Bandon Dunes, then onto California for more visiting. Our friend in southern Washington had this 40's Chevy truck in his garage. It was originally his father's. He also owns an old roadhouse that has been updated for use as a wedding venue. I created this composite of the truck and a picture of the wedding venue that I processed using Topaz Impressions for a background. Both were shot with XT-1 and 18-135. A combination that worked well for the trip.
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