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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, hope everyone is doing great with these unprecedented times. I am really having a hard time with my Fuji XT-20, each time when I turn it on it takes me back to the Start Menu (languages and set time) and it resets my whole camera settings. This is really bad and sad since I don't have any services office in my country so I don't know what to do. I updated my frameware for both body and Lens and yet, it still shows take me back to the Start Menu when I turn it on. Please, anyone who had this issue before and fixed it please help me work this out. Thank you.
  2. I see on the National Geographic website that they rated three Fujifilm cameras in their top twelve pics for travel cameras. (They say it is the top 10 but 12 cameras are rated.) The T2 was rated first, the x100F fifth and the Xt20 eleventh. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/travel-gear/top-10-compact-cameras-travel/ Rob
  3. My question is about correct settings for Image Stabilization. I have one lens with IS on the Lens and another with no IS on the lens. Directions says to set IS for this lens in camera. Ok, I understand that but which setting, continuous, or shooting only? Original the camera setting was on continuous and did not result in focused images. I changed to Shooting only and the results was better. All of this could be user error, I just don't know. Also, with the Lens that has IS on it, do I set the camera to IS off? Second question: I just received the XC 50-230MM F4.5-6.7 OIS 11. This is the lens with no IS and I think I will return it and replace with XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.9 R LM OIS lens. I would like to have opinions on the XF55-200 before making another error in ordering. I am still struggling with the Fuji system and still love the Nikon DSL. The transition to the mirrorless system is challenging for me. I very much do appreciate the weight of the mirrorless cameras. Thanks for your thoughts and advise.
  4. For 3 of my X bodies, XP1, XT1, XT2 I bought genuine Fuji handgrips. They are very light and compact yet provide an excellent grip. I bought a cheap one for my XE1 and luckily it fits both the camera and my hand quite well. It is double the weight of Fujis though. Having recently bought a bargain XT20 but quickly realised I needed a handgrip because it is 1cm less wide than the XE series so I ordered a cheap model. A picture of it is shown and as you can see there is not enough space to get my fingers between the grip and the lens so I have to splay my fingers apart especially with 23mm f1.4 or larger lens - 90mm, 55-200mm etc. I found a reduced price OEM grip and got that. Pictures show XT20 with no grip, with cheap grip and with Fuji grip. (Note that the gap is actually wider with the Fuji grip than without it.) Sometimes cheap is expensive.
  5. Improvement of focus function in MF mode
  6. Improvement of focus function in MF mode
  7. veejaycee

    FW updates today.

    XT1, XT20, XT2, XP2, X100F, GFX 50S, plus XT2 manual vers 2 All links here: http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-releases-new-kaizen-firmware-for-fujifilm-x-t2-x-pro2-and-gfx-50s/
  8. http://iridientdigital.com/products/xtransformer_download.html EDIT I just tested the Beta 3 on a downloaded XT20 RAF file. It works except there are no film sims available for the XT20. Only Adobe Standard. Files from previous models are unaffected.
  9. veejaycee

    Lifghtroom 6.9 released.

    New Camera Support in Lightroom CC 2015.9 Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Casio EX-ZR3200 Fujifilm GFX 50S Fujifilm X100F Fujifilm X-A10 Fujifilm X-T20 Leica M10 Olympus E-M1 Mark II Panasonic DC-FZ80 Panasonic DC-GF9 Panasonic DC-GH5 Panasonic DMC-TZ82 Phase One IQ3 100MP (“S” compression mode not supported)
  10. So after my much loved XT10 took a swim in the sea the insurance company are sending me the XT20 as a replacement. Got a couple questions. Will the XT10 batteries fit the XT20 I have a arca-Swiss style L-bracket, is the 20 the same size and shape (Like this) as the 10? Thanks.
  11. Lets try and group all X-T20 reviews here... I'll start with my own one here: http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.dk/2017/01/first-look-fujifilm-x-t20-review.html Happy to answer questions here or on my blog. BJORN
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