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Found 8 results

  1. in my X-T1 I had used watson batteries without problems or difference in performance vs OEMs, so I'm hesitant to spend 3 times the cost of the new Fuji X-T2 batteries. Do any of you experienced any additional benefit besides "better heat management" as stated by fuji? the performance improves? do they last more? or at the contrary... using third party batteries decreases camera performance or they last less??
  2. I've had the X100t from new, and am noticing that sometimes (and it appears to be quite random with no identifiable trigger) when I change batteries the camera is just dead, so I immediately try another one and get the same response etc. Then at some point the camera does indeed come to life after say the 4th or 5th battery I try, and then the really odd thing is the batteries I've just tried (and appeared to be dead) will now work if put back in! I'm using a mix of Fuji and cheaper "ebay batteries" I can't quite figure if the batteries contribute to the issue, or its some sort of camera glitch. I'd welcome your comments if you've experienced similar issues? Thanks in advance.
  3. Aloha. Every time I change my battery out for a new/fully charged battery, all my custom settings reset. I've been told that the Internal Battery may be drained or dead? If this is the case, is there any way to resolve this sans sending the camera back to Fuji-which sucks, because my warranty is now void. Anyone? Mahalo.
  4. I recently sold my Pro 1 and purchased an X-E2. Some would say this is a downgrade but in my case, it was an upgrade as I use Zeiss manual lens with this camera and needed a better EVF system. What has been a challenge is the fact the E2 go's through battery power at much faster rate than a Pro 1 so I came across a battery grip and am wondering if anyone has purchased or has any knowledge of this product. The name of the grip is OWNUSER MIG-FXE1/2B Mini Battery Grip For Fujifilm X-E1 / X-E2 Cameras. Extending the battery life on this camera would be a big plus for me as I am carrying several batteries with me so I can interchange them when needed. Frank
  5. Want to have a portable battery charger without having to lug around the large cumbersome power cord? If you have an Apple product with a charger, you can remove the plug connector and use it with your Fujifilm charger to plug it directly into the wall. I've only tested this here in the US with 110V power, but this is reported to work the same on international plugs, with the corresponding regional Apple adaptor. The connector is the same. This particular connector is called a "C7" plug, you can find some generic ones for a few dollars on eBay and Amazon. Amazon also offers an Apple world traveler kit, if you travel often with your camera and other Apple devices, or individual Apple compatible plug adaptors. Cheaper generics can also be found on eBay. For more details on this tip, see our new article, Batteries, Chargers, & Power Management - FinePix X100 User Guide
  6. Hi all! I just bought a brand new X-T10 last Friday and I have so far taken out the battery and recharged it 4 times. Every single time when I put the battery back and turn on the camera all my settings are completely reset. I have to select language, set the date and time and every little setting is reset to the defaults. Am i doing something wrong? Is my camera defect perhaps?
  7. Just purchased an "open box" X100T from a Spokane retailer. Charged the battery (green light went out after several hours), inserted the battery correctly together with an SD card, and the camera doesn't turn on. Before I make a fool of myself with Fuji customer service, let me risk the same here. Is there a secret code that is not in the manual? Thanks for helping me turn this camera on.
  8. What are good and trusty 3rd party charger/battery combos for the x30 as seen on UK amazon? Some offer only the 1800mAh, some go to scary 2600mAh (any drawbacks?), all are unheard of anywhere. I've heard the mention of Wasabi on the US site, but not in UK. Any impressions? Thank you.
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