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Found 14 results

  1. RainerS

    Autumn in the Hamiltony Valley.jpg

    Hamiltony Valley is a very wonderful and beautiful small vally in the vicinity of VYSKOV (The Czech Republic).

    © Rainer Schulte

  2. RainerS

    COS-Play_ The Story Of The O.JPG

    At the beginning of the COS-Play! A new interpretation of the "Story Of The <<O>>"!

    © Rainer Schulte

  3. Fujifilm X E2S Camera Body only in very mint condition (slightly used)Accesories included are as follows;BatteryChargerHand gripLeather caseStrap Includes original box with warranty Price: 2000AED Location: Dubai, UAE The camera was bought 6 mos ago, slightly used and in very mint condition.
  4. Hello! I am selling my Fuji X-E2 in near mint condition. I just want something smaller; I got the X100T instead. What you see is what you get below. If you don't see it in the picture, it's not included. Minor scuff on one corner; see photo below. Works perfectly and otherwise body and sensor in perfect condition. Camera has been well taken care of. No dirt, never been dropped or soaked. Works perfectly. Asking: $445Â + $10 shipping. $455Â total. Â Â
  5. Having spent a great deal of time travelling in South East Asia, I made a number of observations about the cameras that people are using and what seems to be happening in the market. All these comments relate predominately to SE Asian markets, and may not apply to where people live in Europe or North America, as trends vary significantly be region. 1. Camera Phones As already noted in another thread, camera phones dominate for most casual users. Almost all tourists seem to use them, and snap away casually at almost anything that passes in front of them. Younger Asians seem particularly addicted to a combination of camera phones and social media, and it often seems like no moment or experience passes without being snapped and reported on. Often the same moment gets snapped 10s or 100s of times to achieve the perfect fake lifestyle look before posting on social media. Almost no drink or meal escapes endless snapping for some. Young Chinese women seem particularly keen on this approach. 2. Compact Camera I saw very few compact cameras, given the comments about camera phones above. The ones I did see were either enthusiast compacts often being used by older (middle aged+) men, or very simple often older point and shoot models. Some people with P&S cameras also used camera phones too. I saw no trend in what they were using - I noticed the odd Sony, Canon, Fuji etc. I'm going to talk about each brand now as their demographics seem different, even within the same camera type. 3. Fuji Fuji seem very popular in some parts of SE Asia, particularly with younger women who seemed to own the cheaper models with kit lenses such as the X-A and X-M models. I was told by a dealer that they liked them because they were very small and light. The more expensive models (X-T10 etc) seem to sell to younger male customers. In SE Asia, there is often a tendency to be very influenced by what people think will make them look like they know what they are doing (basically, people can be quite self conscious and want to look like they know what they are doing). As a result, the retro old fashioned look of some of the Fuji cameras seems to appeal to them. I didn't see many X-Pros or X-T1s. Dealers have large displays of the Fuji range. 4. Olympus / Panasonic Although different companies, I will talk about them together as the m43rds mount is shared. Although Olympus offer a similar retro appeal to the Fuji cameras, and also make very small light models, they didn't seem as popular and I didn't see many in peoples hands. I did see a few of the smaller models often being used by young Chinese women, and the OM-D range in the hands of generally younger Asian men who looked like they were enthusiast photographers, or at least wanted to appear that way. I didn't see much Panasonic at all. Both brands are sold at most dealers but seem to have less prominence than Fuji. 5. Sony (mirrorless - E/NEX mount) I think Sony's range falls into 2 segments - their APS-C offerings and their full frame range. The full frame range is widely available at many enthusiast type dealers who carry a wide range, and they seem to be marketed and sell to both Asian and Western enthusiasts. I would say the age range spanned 30 somethings to the middle aged. Their APS-C cameras seem to be owned by younger customers, the A6000 by men and the smaller viewfinder-less models to women. The APS-C models feature more in high street electronics dealers, whereas the full frame models were featured heavily at enthusiast camera stores. They appear to be the camera of choice for enthusiasts who didn't want an SLR. 6. Nikon SLR In some (Asian) markets Nikon SLRs seem to be the choice for the enthusiast who considers themselves more "serious", though it's hard to justify exactly why I got that impression. They often leave the large "I am Nikon" stickers around the front barrel or hoods of their lenses. I saw 1 Nikon only store that also have small gallery. I didn't see so many Nikon SLRs, and not many of the lower tier cameras. The Nikon 1 system is almost non-existent at dealers, though enthusiast dealers carry decent ranges of SLRs. 7. Canon SLR Canon really does seem to be the camera of choice for anyone who wants a camera just like everyone else, and probably because of my comments about wanting to look like they know what they are doing. Enthusiasts all brandish their large APS-C SLRs and the odd full frame model like the 6D or 5D, often with 70-200 tele zooms for reasons I don't understand, whilst I spotted many casual users snapping away with some of their entry level models. They often seem to be used in auto mode with a kit zoom. Canon just seem to be everywhere, ubiquitous. A few young Chinese were using the EOS M cameras, one assume because the power of brand transcends the fact that the cameras aren't very good by all accounts. 8 Samsung NX In case anyone had forgotten, Samsung still officially make their NX cameras like the NX-1, NX Galaxy, NX-10 etc. However, I visited the companies technology centre in Seoul where they showcase their new technologies, and there was not a camera in sight. Even as you leave the gallery via a very large shop, there were no Samsung cameras there at all. As far as I can tell, the NX camera system appears to be dead. I actually think this is a shame, as they did much right, but even in South Korea I didn't see anyone using a Samsung camera, though their phones were ubiquitous. I photographed at physique sports competitions, where press and enthusiasts are often present, and it was one of the few times where I saw a lot of SLRs (mostly Canon, some Nikon), followed by Sony E mount (mostly APS-C) and Fuji X low tier models. Elsewhere, even SLRs were thin on the ground and often in the hands of enthusiast western tourists, although I met several other enthusiast users with Sony A7 cameras. I came away finding it hard to believe that camera sales had only dropped by the volumes reported, since as far as I could tell hardly anyone bought compacts, with only small mirror-less models being slightly popular with consumers. Only the most committed casual user had a smaller SLR.
  6. Hi I'm selling up on my fuji gear to fund other interests, I have a Fuji X-T10 Black purchased new from Ffordes mid July it comes with box and all originally accessories.. Camera and its LCD are all in excellent condition only marks are on foot really where paint has rubbed when it been put down..Both Wrist strap and 35mm in the photos are not included. Payment by BT, Cash on collection or Cheque.. Just like to point out i dont do Paypal. As im new here so people my be wary i have plenty of feeback on eBay user ThrottleUK , Avforums Throttle Talkphotography Throttle so feel free to check them out
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