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Found 4 results

  1. Today I received the EF-X20 and want to use it on my X-T2. I have almost no experience with flash and need help with camera settings. When I delve into the flash menu I see the "flash function settings. and the next screen shows mode, SYNC TERMINAL, with a large M below. Greyed out below that is TTL Mode, zoom and angle. SYNC. is set to front. If I drop down to TTL MODE (greyed out) and hilight it, I am unable to accomplish anything. I am thinking I can change the M setting to TTL but this is not the case. I thought maybe it was the MS+ES setting so I changed that to purely MS. Can someone offer up some help and how to get this sorted?
  2. Hello. I am struggling to find clear information on how to correctly use the Fujifilm EF-X20 in off-camera mode with the X100S camera. When the flash is mounted on the camera's hotshot, it is clear. Put flash in "X" mode and use either Auto or Manual on the flash, and set the camera's flash mode to Auto, Forced or Slow Sync as required. However, if I want to use the EF-X20 in off-camera mode it is less clear what the correct settings are. I understand the flash needs to be in Manual mode, as TTL does not work when the flash is off body? However, do I need to put the flash in N (no-preflash) or P (pre flash) mode to be correctly triggered by the X100S. Secondly, on the X100S itself, do I have to use Commander mode ( in which case I understand the flash on camera body is only used as a trigger, not to illuminate the scene) or can I also use the Auto, Forced and Slow Sync modes (and so benefit from both the on-camera and off-camera flashes)? Many thanks for any help! I am surprised there is so little information around on how these two work together! Paul
  3. Hey, I've been having a lot of fun recently using the EF-X20 flash on my X30. I'm currently thinking of purchasing a Fujifilm GA645Zi medium format camera to add to my set up, I'm wondering, would the EF-X20 retain its TTL functionaility when used with this camera?
  4. Hey I've been experimenting recently using 1/4 CTS gel over the ef-x20 flash on my Fuji X30 and been getting some mixed results. On some images the effect of the gel is clear/has the desired effect while on others it's like the gel has been completely bypassed (despite it tightly covering the flash) and the output image suggests a normal flash with no gel on at all. As unlikely as it seems, is there any reason this would be happening due to camera settings etc? If not any other suggestions as to why it might be occuring?
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