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Found 8 results

  1. Just got the X100V and it might affect back-button focus folks. On the X100F I set the rear command dial to "AF LOCK ONLY" and then pressing it would engage the autofocus and lock it, turning the focus square green. If you pressed it again it would unlock. On the X100V using this same setting, autofocus isn't engaged, it is ONLY locked. It will not turn the focus square green (you do get the small blue AFL icon on the display). You need to focus with a half-press of the shutter, the press the dial at the same time to lock it. Doing this will now turn the focus square green. There's a new setting you can assign to a function button called "AF-ON" which DOES engage autofocus, but doesn't lock it. Maybe there's another setting in the menu somewhere that will let AF LOCK ONLY actually engage the autofocus first, but I haven't found it yet. Focusing by touching the screen DOES both focus and lock. I want this exact same functionality on my back button!
  2. I have an X-T20 with 2 Fuji lenses, 50 and 200. Love it. HOWEVER: I was in a very bad car accident some time ago; the camera was in its soft bag and since then the camera has failed to focus. The shutter is dead to any feeling. I sent it to Fujifilm in Sydney and they serviced it and said it was A1. Since then I still have the same issues. Last week I took it into a Fujifilm camera shop; it focussed perfectly and could take shots! Now here I am in the Australian Outback, full of subject material and I can't focus even on Auto and the shutter is dead again. I have Reset the camera, cleaned terminals on lenses and camera body tho they seemed clean and dust-free. Any ideas out there please? Thanks, Biggles
  3. Hi folks, I´m new to the forum and after reading for a while I decided to write my first topic here. Unfortunately it is not exactly a positive one. However, it´s all about exchange of experiences. I´d like to know if others are affected and if there are any ideas how to get rid of the problem. Before I start I should mention that I switched to Fuji about 1.5 years ago. Bought a "cheap" X-M1 as extension to my full frame equipment (from a well known Japanese company after sticking with them for almost 20 years). Felt in love with the X-M1, bought an X-T1. Was even more happy until the very day the X-T2 arrived. Since then, this camera is a constant source of disappointment for me. Which is a pity because besides the problem described here the X-T2 is close to perfect. After switching from X-T1 to X-T2 I discovered soon that approx. 25-30% of my pictures are blurry, somehow out of focus. First of course I thought that I´m doing something wrong. New "toy", many new options. Easy to make mistakes. I tried a lot to understand what I´m doing wrong but finally wasn´t able to find a problem. However, pictures were still be out of focus quite often. So I started to shot test series with the same settings under same conditions to hopefully get reproducible results. What I got was a wild mix from pin-sharp pictures and really blurry ones. Some result as in everyday photography with my new X-T2. For the test series I used a setup that is comparable to my everyday setup (I do mostly landscapes, so this setup makes most sense for me). Here it is: X-T2 on tripod 18-55 lens used with stabilization switched off, set to 18mm ISO set to 400 or 800 (depending on light situation) aperture set to 8, exposure time set to automatic single mid-size or small AF field in the middle of the viewfinder static auto focus (AF-S) priority on focus face detection disabled series of up to 20 pictures, focused on the same object in approx. 25-50 meters distance both, camera and lens on newest firmware During my test shots I found that the DOF-scale in the viewfinder (including the AF distance indicator) was "jumping" around like crazy from one shot to the next. According to this indicator, the AF target was everything between 1.5 meters and infinity away from me. Hey, it´s a balcony on a house. These guys usually don´t move! !!! Interesting thing is that the problem only occurs if I use the hybrid AF fields in the middle of the view finder. Using the "outside" contrast AF fields the focus works perfectly, without any exceptions !!! So, with a heavy heart, I sent the X-T2 together with my 18-55 to Fuji for repair. Got it back after 4 weeks and the repair report mentioned that they have replaced the camera´s main board. So obviously there was something wrong with the camera. After testing for a few days and repeating my test series I found that nothing has changed. Some awkward behavior! I´ve got the chance to test another X-T2 at my camera dealer and it shows the same behavior, even confirmed by the dealer. So I was finally testing with another 18-55, my new 18-135, my 10-24 and some primes borrowed from friends. Same result, the only exception is the 10-24 where the problem occurs only rarely. I sent the X-T2 to Fuji again, got it back yesterday with no parts replaced but they mentioned that they have "adjusted the focus" (however this will work, if at all ). Testing again this morning and again: nothing has changed. Same unacceptable rate of out-of-focus pictures. I went to the dealer today to try another X-T2. Long story short: same behavior. Now my X-T2 is on it´s way to Fuji again, for the 3rd time. I own this camera since almost 4 months and it spent more times at Fuji and with UPS so far then in my hands. Frustrating! And since I found the same problem with 2 other X-T2 I begin to believe that this is a problem that probably affects the whole series, at least a sub-series. I have no idea. After 3rd repair attempt will fail (I´m afraid it will) I have to talk to my dealer again about taking back the X-T2 for refunding. To be able to take photos in the meantime I bought a "cheap" X-T10. This camera works like a charm with all my lenses. But I need something more robust, weather sealed with more dedicated controls. A X-T2 with well working AF would be close to my dream camera. But so far it isn´t. Does anyone have encountered similar problems with X-T2 and comparable setup and lenses? Did anyone get any help from Fuji, means a repaired or replaced X-T2? I will provide a few sample pictures within the next few hours. Cheers, Daniel P.S. sorry for the long post. But it´s hard to explain the whole story with just a few words. Sorry also for my "bumpy" English
  4. Hey guys, I just got a new X100F and am wondering, if the sound of the focus motor is normal? It is very loud in my opinion. Here you can find a sound recording of the noise: https://instaud.io/1xB7 Any opinions? Thanks! Kons
  5. I took ownership of a very lightly used X100T from eBay today and after taking quite a few shots on a local walk, I've noticed there's something a little odd about the image sharpness characteristics. I'd like to try and confirm if this is an issue with my X100T in particular or if it's just the expected result from this lens paired with a 16 megapixel sensor. I owned a first generation X100 that had a slightly de-centered lens that pretty much always rendered the right edge of the frame slightly softly, but now this X100T seems to produce softness at one or both sides of the frame at moderate apertures (~f5.6) at various subject distances, but not all the time. I've taken plenty of photos where it's sharp corner to corner, presumably ruling out de-centering. But in some shots where the focal point should be more than far enough away to result in infinite depth of field behind the subject, the background is inexplicably soft at the edges of the frame. Here's a full size sample showing this behaviour. The background is way softer than I would expect on left edge, extending about 1/4 into the frame. The right edge is slightly better, but still on the soft side to around a similar distance. Is this just a limitation of the X100 lens and/or me being spoiled by the general quality of Fuji primes?
  6. Hope someone can be of advice with the following. I've noticed that although I can enable Macro and SuperMacro in Manual mode on the X30, I find it impossible to focus at close range, ending up having to take longer distances to my subject and zoom in to approximate the desired effect. I've read (in reviews of the camera) that Macro should be excellent and work at a distance of about 1cm to the subject. I hope that somebody could explain me, as a novice photographer, what settings I may be overlooking to effectively focus manually in Macro/SuperMacro, or if not in Manual mode, which mode(s) I should use to take Macro photographs. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  7. I have owned my XT1 for three months. For several days when i depress the shutter to focus, the focus "wobbles", seems to go in/out of focus-does not get steady. Did I touch a setting by mistake? How can I correct this? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Zone Focusing

    Hey all, So im looking for a wider lens than my 56 for general street work and kicking about. What i really miss is a lens that I can apply zone focusing to, as the 56 doesn't really give any indication of the complete zonal range as aperture changes. Has anyone got any information on what fuji primes offer the relevant zone range when manual focusing? Nothing wider than the 35mm though. Thanks all...
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