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  1. This is an awesome lens, but I prefer my 23mm for walking around, and I don't use this much. No scratches and in excellent condition. $450 plus shipping.
  2. Price: $1,500.00Payment method: PayPalItem condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wearShipping instructions: shipped and insured includedFuji XH1 Bought in May. ($1950 retail value) Included: - Stock Eyecup - Original charger w/ plug - 3 Batteries - all standard kit accessories (strap, ac/plug for grip, flash popup) - Original Box All Photos @ http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1563246/0?nc=1#14606839
  3. Hi - What are the third party zoom lenses compatible with the xt-2? Sorry I dont know much about cameras :|
  4. theresatt

    For Sale: Fuji GSW690III $500

    This is an all-mechanical medium format Fuji rangefinder. I've had it for a bit, and it's a great camera—easy to use, with a clear and bright viewfinder and a rangefinder patch with plenty of contrast. I'm trying to pare down my camera collection, however, and I don't use this enough to justify its presence. Packaging and shipping through FedEx for this camera will run about $30, and I can ship anywhere in the United States. The photo is a stock image, but the camera itself is in excellent condition, with a minor blemish from use. Counter is at 8, or 80 shutter releases.
  5. Holter


    Fuji xt10 #xt10 #xf27
  6. Jaime Raso

    My Fuji transformation

    Hi all ! I will start sharing my Fuji article. http://www.jmraso.com/Fujifilm_x.php Thanks.
  7. $1150 + $20 shipping Fuji XF 50-140 F2.8 for sale. Excellent condition.
  8. hmatick

    PRICE DROP : Fuji 16-55 2.8

    $750 + $20 shipping Selling a Fuji XF 16-55 F2.8 constant aperture lens.Extremely sharp and and in excellent condition
  9. At long last, my review of Ichikawa software's "SilkyPix Developer Studio Pro v8" has been published on the "Dear Susan" website. It gives an overview of SilkyPix and it's features and controls, how to use it, and compares the quality of results with Capture One. I have used it for several years on raw files from a number of cameras including Fuji X system, and always found the quality of the results. Please take a look at the article and feel free to leave some feedback over at Dear Susan.
  10. If you or any of your friends are Fuji XT2 users please share this information as I have solved the big problem you are having with continuous AF and metering in this mode. So your shooting in continuous AF with continuous burst mode and your XT2 is only getting the 1st few shots exposed correctly and the rest are under or over exposed. This is what's happening: You press down the shutter to start tracking AF and the camera starts to track the subject. But as soon as you full press the shutter button to take the 1st shot the camera enters exposure lock. This means that the moment the 1st picture is taken the exposure is locked and will be throughout entire the subject tacking. So every shot taken will be at the same shutter speed and lens F stop. So all is well if the lighting doesn't change during that burst mode. But if the subject moves into lighting that is different from that of the 1st frame your subject will be over or under exposed. Fuji hasn't managed to provide any answers to XT2 user because I believe they haven't noticed the problem yet with the new 1.10 firmware update. The answer to this problem isn't easily noticed within the menus system of the XT2 as it's in a place that doesn't make any sense. So here you go please follow these instructions. Go to 1-Menu 2- Settings 3-Button/Dial setting Then go down to shutter AE and turn it off it's on by default. This will now enable metering while the camera is in continuous AF mode. I can't understand why it's here in this menu and it's not even explained in any way by Fuji or what this does to continuous AF tracking mode. But within here lies another bug that Fuji needs to fix in a firmware update ASAP. When AE lock is switched to off the camera will no longer display the shutter speed in the viewfinder or rear screen. The shutter speed will only show in Manual mode or in Shutter priority mode for some reason. You need to know the shutter speed for obvious reasons but you can't see them ahhh Fuji. You can see the shutter speed if you press the AE lock button on the back of the camera but this will lock the exposure so don't forget to press it again to unlock it again. The AE button still functions as it should now but without locking exposure in tracking mode. Hope this help you XT2 users out there who haven't worked this one out yet and that includes Fujifilm. So share this with everyone who you think needs this and Fuji fix this ASAP with a new firmware.
  11. Hi there, I'm off to South Africa in April and will be going on a private tours. I hear with private tours that vehicles can get a lot closer to animals. So, I'm pretty sure I will purchase an XF50-140 F2.8 with either a 1.4x or 2x teleconverter to use with my X-T1. Besides this, I'm thinking of buying an X-Pro2 with either the 16-55 F2.8 or a 100-400 F4.5-5.6. I'm not sure which lens to buy. I'm not too fussed with bird photography, so I just wonder how much I really need a 100-400 in a private drive? From my research, dpreview's article here mentioned that just a 70-200 would suffice -https://www.dpreview.com/articles/8065882473/gearing-up-for-an-african-safari Just wondering if anyone has some other views or experience with a private drive? Also, with bean bags and the completely open vehicles - can I even use one, or should I consider a monopod? Thanks. Carl
  12. Hi folks, I recently acquired a second hand X-T1, it's in good overall shape but the rubber grips have stretched and are peeling. I've tried emailing Fuji's UK support email address to inquire about purchasing replacement grips about five days ago and thus far not heard anything back (not even an automated reply). Does anyone else have any experience of dealing with Fuji's UK support people, are they always this slow? Am I better off phoning them? I've seen folks in other countries have managed to get the parts and do the repair themselves, which is what I'd rather do than pay someone else to do it.
  13. Hello,I am selling my Fujifilm 16-55mm f/2.8 lens, and it is in beautiful condition. The glass is flawless, and cosmetically the lens looks very much like new with little to no signs of use as you can see in my photos. All functions are working properly. There are some minor rub marks on the plastic lens hood and on the front lens cap. This is a USA version lens. I do not have the box, but the lens will include the original lens hood and lens caps, and the instruction booklets and paperwork. I really like everything about this lens except for its size and weight, so I am going back to a smaller lens. Asking $885 which includes fast and free shipping in the USA by USPS priority or FedEx ground. Paypal, money order, or cashier check are fine for payment. I am new to this site, but have 100% positive feedback on another Fuji forum under the same username, as well as on other well known sites. I am located in SE Wisconsin, USA. Please let me know if I can help with any questions.~Thank you and Happy Holidays D Lafon
  14. Excellent Condition. small handling marks on upper left edge. Very tiny. My XT-2 came in, so this one must go. Comes with original box, battery and charger and documentation.
  15. I just moved up to the X-T2 and am parting with my beloved X-T1. The camera is in very good condition (some signs of black finish rub on on/off switch and EV dial). I'll try to reduce the size of the pictures so I can upload them (1MB limit here). Rubber grips are in good shape. Screen protector has some bubbles, but the screen is clean. Comes with body, box, flash, charger, battery, manual, (Fuji strap is missing). I do have the kit 18-55mm lens as well as the larger X-T1 eye cup that can include for an additional price. Email shawn.faherty at gmail. $635 plus shipping. -- hide signature -- -Shawn in VA, USA See feedback here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/elcid86 http://www.zhpmafia.com/forums/member.php?1075-ELCID86
  16. Hi. I'd welcome some advice on what I need to acquire - or put it another way - what would you acquire if starting from my standpoint. Thanks in advance. Ideally I want to acquire software to allow me to do both RAW processing and photo editing. Ideally it would be one programme, but if not then one as pixel editor and one as RAW convertor. I use Nikon D750 and Fuji XT10. Both these will probably be shortly replaced with XT2, but I'm waiting for initial bugs to be sorted before I take the plunge. Although I am slowly moving to FUJI, I will still need full frame Nikon for some years, so both Bayer and X Trans Raw conversion will be needed. I have always used JPegs up until now, but have recently retired and want to start really getting the most out of image quality. I have always used Windows as an operating system and don't really want to change. I'd also rather buy software then pay rental to Adobe. I have a PC that runs Windows 7, but recognise that for general usage reasons I will probably have to upgrade soon, let alone for phoptography - so that need not be a restriction. If I have to buy a new PC, then so be it. So - what software would you acquire, given the above - without worrying about any PC OS version restrictions? Many thanks.
  17. Ostravaczech

    Blue Agave

    Spring is in full swing in Arizona
  18. Holter


    Fuji xt10 #xt10 #xf27
  19. Ostravaczech


  20. Ostravaczech


  21. Mkursat

    Galata Tower

    © Kursat Kursat

  22. Mkursat

    Yeni Cami

    © Kursat Kursat

  23. Mkursat

    500px Global Photo Walk

    © Kursat Kursat

  24. slackjawgaze


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