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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. Just came back from a trip, and going thru my images taken with the X100F I was very surprised by some of the Auto ISO values it had chosen! I almost always have ISO set to Auto, with a default sensitivity of 200 (natch) and a max of 12800, for night shooting. HOWEVER - the camera has repeatedly chosen the highest ISO setting possible, 12800, in broad daylight. Yes, indoors, but in windows with sunlight, and brightly-lit rooms with natural light. This is very confusing to me as there is absolutely no need for the camera to chose more than, say max 800 ISO in these situations. Well, I'm going to set it to "AUTO 2" more often, same default, but 6800 Max. Just curious what you make of this conundrum? Cheers, O. ps. Attached image is just by a window in sunlight - the camera chose ISO 12800!
  2. Hi friends, I'm not sure I'm in the right forum, but couldn't find any for the x70. My issue is with the ISO settings: when I set it to "Auto 1" with a base of 200 and highest 3200, it ALWAYS shoots everything in 3200, which is super-irritating, needless to say. Even in good daylight it will shoot in 3200. Why is this, am I doing something wrong? All help most welcome, cheers, o.
  3. Hi all Newbie here so please be gentle. Just bought an X100T and going through the set up process. Trying to set it up so all that appears on the LCD is the menus and the image just taken (for chimping) and not Live View. I don't want the menus appearing in the viewfinder. Is this not possible? doing a quick search it appears it was on the X100S but not the T. Another question while I'm at it, is it not possible to set ISO to 100? (I have 'image size' set to L 3:2 and 'image quality' set to Fine). I know I should read the manual but I'm really not good with those things and thought I'd get far more sensible answers on here. Thanks in advance Andy
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