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Found 2 results

  1. Zaltin

    SP-3 Fujifilm printer

    Hiya everyone! So here's a thing I wonder if you lot have experienced: just got the Fujifilm SP-3 (square) printer. Great little gadget. HOWEVER, when I try to print one photo split up into two (in the template section) MY own photos taken with Fujifilm-cameras come out completely useless, i.e. they are turned the wrong way, upside down, don't match AT ALL. BUT: when I try the same with a photo downloaded from, say, Instagram, it works just as it should: the beach is split up into two horizontal parts, the standing woman in two vertical, etc. I find this so WEIRD! Anyone have this experience, or even better, a solution? Cheers, O.
  2. Anyone experienced the following issues: - Battery charger fails to charge batteries properly - I thought my batteries were getting bad, so got new ones, and when same problem happened, bought a second aftermarket charger - then verified the original Fuji charger was indeed defecctive. - Camera suddenly became unresponsive: had to turn OFF and ON again to get it going - and later it froze completely. Only removing the battery helped get the camera starting, but LCD screen is streaked and then the camera freezes (the menu system is still accessible though). Have used it moderately and in very good conditions (never rain or dust, never exposed to excessive heat or sunlight), alongside my X-M1, Coolpix A, D700 and 5D etc. Will be sending it for repair, but still curious to know if anyone else had similar experiences
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