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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I've had my Fuji x100t for the past few months, and I have begun experimenting with zone focusing. I notice though that people say Hyperfocal Distancing is the way to go. I shoot street photography in NYC, so ideally my in-focus subjects would be 5' to whatever feet away. During daylight I experiment with f11/f8/f5.6 . I don't really stop down to f16 because I want to minimize that "softness" effect I get when I shoot that aperture. Anyway, I've read a lot about the calculations, apps, formulas, tables, etc for getting the Hyperfocal distance. But my Fuji just doesn't match up. I have read that there is some discrepancy on the x100t scale. So, I've attached an image. If I'm shooting at f8, I'm told I should hyperfocus at about 11 ft. That tells me that everything from 11' to infinity will be in focus, and that ~5 feet to 11 feet should be in focus in front of the hyperfocal. Now, obviously, the visual scale on the x100t does not reflect this. Is this normal, or am I missing something? **edit note: granted i'm probably at a HD of about 12-13 feet instead. But still. The line does not extend nearly to the infinity mark, and the line doesn't extend nearly to 5 feet.
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