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Found 4 results

  1. ouldm01


    Homeward bound... sometimes the snatched images are the ones that turn out the favourites... out on this morning on the Carse of Stirling, not so much chasing the light as chasing a break in the mist... this was taken from beside a still running car on one of the back roads, lots of issues with the harsh lights contrasting with the softness of the mist...

    © David Mould

  2. ouldm01

    Lake of Menteith Boat

    Narrow DoF on my 23mm for this early morning shot
  3. RichardCFrost

    Northumberland and Scotland, 2015

    Some straight out of the camera, no crop pictures from my holiday in Northumberland and Scotland, September 2015. Holy Island (Lindisfarne) Harbour. The tide is out. In the distance are the Farne Islands. You drive across a causeway to Lindisfarne and you need to keep an eye on the tide as if you get your timing wrong you can be stuck on the island for a good seven hours before it is safe to cross again. On Lindisfarne, fishermen recycle upturned boats into huts. After a few days in Northumberland, we have headed on up to Scotland, in the Loch Lomond area. We took a long scenic drive up
  4. andymcd


    I took these yesterday with an X-E2 and 18/2 lens. We were walking along the shoreline at Keiss, in the Scottish Highlands... Shore near Keiss by Andy McDonald, on Flickr Shore near Keiss by Andy McDonald, on Flickr
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