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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am not new to Fujifilm but today I have got a problem with my X-E2. I carelessly switched my X-E2 into M mode while turning it on, then I tried to change to S or C but it does not work. Still stuck in M mode. Have any one got same problem with me and solve it? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, been a while since I posted here, hope everyones ok. Is it possible to set the front dial to say shutter control and the rear dial to aperture control on the XT-10 I only have the 18-55mm lens if that has an affect.
  3. ok this is a the second time in a few months that my XPro1 has just die don me during a shoot. luckily both times pretty much at the end of the shoot. first time the sd card was corrupted and required rescuing. second time luckily the card was ok. i took the camera into the local fuji service centre and they fixed it in a few days they figured it was a shutter issue as they had been having this problem on several other XPro1s apparently. luckily it only cost about 80 usd for the repair and replacement part (asia) . but the camera is not as old as my canon 7d or my GF1 which i have had no problems with. im reluctant to buy the XPro2 if this is they kind of thing one can expect. regularly dying expensive cameras are not a good buy. im looking at a sony a7R as cheap then the XPro2 and better resolution. sell my X lenses (only 2 luckily) and buy canons with the adaptor. what are the other peoples experiences with fuji cameras dying on them? common or rare? thanks
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