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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there, A lot of us are awaiting the new and upcoming Fujifilm X100V and yet our beloved gear is still more than adequate. After some two years I thought it might be time to write up my personal sight on the Fujifilm X100F. I do hope you enjoy the read and images. Have a wonderful day 🤗 https://stockografie.de/an-x100f-real-world-long-term-review/ Cheers Stockografie
  2. Ostravaczech


    On our recent trip to Los Angeles, we took a detour through Joshua Tree National Park. Beautiful place, full of huge granite boulders and rock formations.
  3. Ostravaczech

    van Gogh Museum

    in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  4. Phantasmagoria

    Strangers in Daylight

    A second-hand shop at Phillip Island, Australia.
  5. I've published an article on the Dear Susan website that forms the first of a short series of 3 pieces on travel to cities in South East Asia, and different aspects of my approach to street portraiture. The first piece is written from Kuala Lumpur, the capitol of Malaysia, and talks about the city and my attitude and approach when photographing street portraiture. I use Sony E mount cameras and lenses. Dear Susan is a collaborative website with articles written by a number of members on different subjects, but mostly around the themes of travel photography and photography as art. Please do take a look at the article and leave a comment on the Dear Susan website, or here, and let me know what you think.
  6. Please take a look at an article I've had published on the "Dear Susan" website, this time discussing travel photography in Singapore and Penang. Although not photographed with Fuji cameras this time, I hope some of my experiences may be of interest to others, as it includes a mixture or architectural and street style photography. Another of Dear Susan's contributors also wrote an interesting article on "un-destination" photography. Thanks for looking, Dear Susan - Singapore and Penang
  7. Ostravaczech

    Old Town

    Olomouc, CZ.
  8. Ostravaczech

    In a land far far away

  9. Tianliang Hau

    Vienna, Austria

    Fujifilm X-Pro1 + Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4R Copyright © Tianliang Hau --- All Rights Reserved
  10. peterjones

    A couple of snaps from Cuba

    An American classic car, tree and matching owner Cienfuegos, Cuba. Apart from US classic cars there were a few from the UK; this one an Austin A35 perhaps not quite original spec. Trinidad, Cuba. Silly me nearly forgot, both taken with my X-T1 and the redoubtable 18-55. Peter
  11. peterjones

    travels with my fuji

    A very few images out of many thousand from Old Delhi using my Fuji system in this case an X-Pro ! and 18-55; in my opinion probably the best place in the world for street photography apart from Calcutta (Kolkata)
  12. Snapshooter_DK

    Departure - CPH

    Canon EOS-1D MK IV EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
  13. Petrus

    East Tibet revisited

    We made a 3 week trip from Chengdu to Xining through Kham and Amdo this last July, visiting places like Yarchen Gar, Derge, several remote monasteries, some of which so remote that their existence was unknown until recently (monks had never seen foreigners). Saw a freshly mummified and gilded Abbot, sky burial and a bloody Shaman festival in Repkong. Albums 1-3 are from this year, albums 6-9 from year 2013: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112698197@N08/albums All shot with X-T1 (2 bodies) and 16mm, 35mm, 56mm and 55-200mm lenses.
  14. Warning, long post… This is my background: When I travel, I always struggle selecting the gear I’ll use on the trip. I try to keep it as simple/light possible to enjoy the trip (normally walk 6-10 hours a day) while being flexible enough to avoid missing shoots because of gear limitation. Also, I have a concern on safety in dangerous places or pickpockets, so I try to be as low key as possible too. Besides traveling, I do a lot of street photography but also wedding and social events (not as first income) so most of my gear is more an expense than investment. I’m very critical with gear results/quality, so I tend to avoid cheaper lens/bodies/accessories and high ISOs so tend to pick faster lenses. Unfortunately, my budget is not unlimited so I have to pick gear wisely. I’m mostly prime shooter and have 14, 23 F1.4, 35 f2 and 56. XT2, XT1 and X100s cameras I have 2 type of travel that I have this problem: Local Travel, Small Towns/Villages, Hiking. I try to travel very light and shoot documentary, portraits, with some landscape. With X100s I miss a lot of wide shots, specially on interiors, close-ups (do not like the lack of sharpness at f2-f4 of x100s here) and tele shots. With the XTs I have to carry at least 3 lenses to cover what I normally shot and end up changing lenses a lot. Should I go with a zoom instead? Guided Tours or Photo Expeditions to tourist or exotic locations Big/long trips that you go once in your lifetime where photo opportunities are too varied within the trip and between trips, like the north/south pole, Africa, jungles or rainforests or cultural like Europe or Asia. Here I shot everything (photo or video) I face and struggle the most to plan if I need a telephoto or a wide angle or zooms or WR lenses or tripod or monopod…. I only went to Europe with XT and 14,23,35 and while weight was not an issue I changed lenses too much and was not enjoyable. For places where wildlife is the main attraction I’m doomed with my longest lens being the 56. I plan to travel more, so I want to hear your recommendations not only on lenses, but also on bodies, accessories, filters, bags etc. as I may change (sell) or add gear based on your recommendations. I greatly appreciate your help in advance Happy Holidays
  15. Rossco

    Robe sunset. Photo: Ross Duncan

    The sun sets over the Southern Ocean off the coast of Robe, South Australia. Photo: Ross Duncan
  16. Ostravaczech

    Rugged Maui

  17. Ostravaczech

    Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest

    on the way to Crescent Lake, WA. (hand-held at 1/7.5 of a second)
  18. Tide72

    Venice Gondolas.jpg

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