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Found 13 results

  1. I started getting shadows in all the corners of my photos, especially on the bottom left corner. I see it especially if I'm shooting something that's all white (obviously). It's not my hand or anything else that I can see that's creating it, and there is nothing that's in the way. Also, even when I'm at 1/60 and 2.2 (ISO auto 800) in a bright room the photos look darker than usual. Any idea what this could be from? Should I just get it fixed??
  2. thedanman81

    Cable Release on X10

    Hi, I was looking for a manual cable release for my X10. I managed to get a Leitz one (designed for Leica). The only problem is that the thread will on screw in a small amount - has anyone else had this? It still seems to work, but I'm careful I don't want to damage the internal tread on the shutter button. Dan
  3. Can I transfer photos from a Fuji X10 camera onto an Ipad? Do I need an app for it? Thanks very much!
  4. I was given a used X10 as a gift recently, and have been playing with it just fine. It took photos, I downloaded photos to my PC. However yesterday it suddenly decided to stop saving photos to its internal memory or to the memory card. I have been poking around the manual + forums + Googling the problem but haven't even come up with anyone else having it. Did I accidentally press some button that prevents images from being stored anywhere? Note that I retrieved some old photos from the former owner from the internal memory (nothing overly incriminating!) so I know my photos are not there. I also tested the memory card and it is fine, too. It accepts new files, but of course if the camera's not creating new files there's nothing to save to the card. I hope this has a simple solution because I was liking the X10 very much!
  5. CDHill

    Rush Hour

    © CDH

  6. CDHill


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  7. CDHill

    Ghost Rider

    © CDH

  8. The AUTO option of the white balance on my Fuji X10 is unresponsive. Anything I could have set by mistake that would prevent it from working properly? Or has anyone else experienced that problem? Wondering if there's anything else than could be done other than "reset" the camera (or calling the company...). Thanks!
  9. I've got a Fujifilm X10. I've got important images on my SD card. But the card is a bit eroded on the metal contact points and I can't read the images anywhere EXCEPT on my camera. I want to transfer the images to camera's internal memory, then from camera directly to my Macbook by way of HDMI cable. Connected it the camera to the comp, but can't find the camera or photos on the computer. What do I do now?
  10. Does anyone know how I can set up my X20 to use bulb setting in manual mode? It's kind of sad that I can buy a crappy 100$ canon point and shoot and have a bulb setting but with my X20 it does not exist. I contacted Fuji and spoke with two different professional reps and they were no help. Maybe there is some sort of hack?
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