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Found 22 results

  1. The Fuji X100 uses standard 49mm lens filters, but requires the use of an adaptor ring to make the connection and give enough clearance for the lens to extend during macro mode. If you don't plan on using the official Fujifilm lens hood, and think $50 is too much for a simple adaptor ring, I've come across this inexpensive solution on X100 user ProphecyBlur's blog: There are a few on eBay now for as low as $6 USD, and £8 from UK sellers, take a look. Might be a nice addition to the camera bag if you only plan on using filters on rare occasions.
  2. Hi all, I've been playing around with my new X100F the last week, and loving it to bits. Coming from the X-T2 (and X70) it's not hard to get to grips with, and it's a might little machine! However: new to me is the ND on/off switch. I truly don't get this function. I'm often using the physical 3 (5) stop EV compensation wheel on top of the cameras, but cannot see any difference in the images when the ND filter in the X100F is on or off. Also, no clips or info on the topic, (that I can find) is available online... Any helpful hints or tips? Cheers, o.
  3. Today I wanted to take the X100s out for a photo walk, but the camera had other plans.... When I turned the camera on the indicator light on the back started flashing red. The owners manual says this is either a memory or lens error, but doesn't offer a solution. At the same time the LCD screen came on showing almost only black (there is very little response - just a very faint glow). Switching the camera off didn't help as the red indicator kept on flashing and the LCD screen was still active. The only way to stop the blinking and the LCD screen from being active was by removing the battery. I have several batteries and when I tried the other ones all that happened was that the LCD screen came on (still only the faint glow) - but no flashing. The flashing only appears with one specific battery - the one that was in the camera when I discovered the fault. Everything else; viewfinder, focusing button (and power switch) is unresponsive. I also replaced the memory card - still no change. I'm guessing there's some sort of electrical malfunction as the camera worked find the other day. I've kept it in the camera bag. So, have some of you any idea what the problem is and how to fix it? Obviously I hope this is something I can fix myself.....
  4. Mad_Robot

    Merry Christmas 2016

    Merry Christmas
  5. Good day everyone, Anyone can confirm if the Phottix Odin II (the new one) transmitter works on Fujifilm X cameras? At the very least, will it enable dumb triggering, or even better, manual remote power control? Understood that TTL will not work due to compatibility, but I don't need TTL. The old Odin TCU was confirmed not to work, and I'm hoping the second version fares better. Looking to use the Odin system for both my Nikon and X100S.
  6. Hello. I am struggling to find clear information on how to correctly use the Fujifilm EF-X20 in off-camera mode with the X100S camera. When the flash is mounted on the camera's hotshot, it is clear. Put flash in "X" mode and use either Auto or Manual on the flash, and set the camera's flash mode to Auto, Forced or Slow Sync as required. However, if I want to use the EF-X20 in off-camera mode it is less clear what the correct settings are. I understand the flash needs to be in Manual mode, as TTL does not work when the flash is off body? However, do I need to put the flash in N (no-preflash) or P (pre flash) mode to be correctly triggered by the X100S. Secondly, on the X100S itself, do I have to use Commander mode ( in which case I understand the flash on camera body is only used as a trigger, not to illuminate the scene) or can I also use the Auto, Forced and Slow Sync modes (and so benefit from both the on-camera and off-camera flashes)? Many thanks for any help! I am surprised there is so little information around on how these two work together! Paul
  7. Hi, I just bought a second hand X100S, the camera looks really well, it seems to have really little use. I just made some pics to test it, and I am getting a couple of red dots on the image, on all of them, there were shot at 640 iso. On these pics you can see the bigger red dot bellow near the center and another more to the left. Can this problem be solved? or it would be better to return the camera? Many thanks!
  8. Hi, Last week, I had a sudden bout of clumsiness, which happens every now, with x100s in my hands. Result: it fell down landing bottom plate first on a marble floor. It still takes the pictures, but the battery lock (orange little thing which holds your battery) broke. So today I took it to the fujifilm service centre and asked them to check for other damage and replace this little lock. I was told that the lock can't be replaced, but the whole battery assembly will be replaced, costing around approx US$ 45. Lets hope they don't find anything else. I will review the service process and update on this thread. Post sales support is a very important part of buying a camera, especially expensive x series. I have heard that fuji does a much better job than Sony and hopefully they live up to the rumours in my case. Anyone has any similar experience or any tips on what else should i get checked or serviced? Update 6 May: Got my camera back, since they took couple of days to confirm that the replacement part is not in India and they will be requesting it from Japan. I have been told that it will take 20 days or so for it to reach here and they will call me when it does. Interestingly the service centre in Mumbai had one technician, who had to co-ordinate everything with the main service office near Delhi. Surprisingly, Mumbai (Bombay) is the commercial capital and film industry is based here and one would assume they would have a full fledged service facility. Anyways, as per Christopher's advice, got the OVF cleaned. So the waiting starts.
  9. luke182w

    Marrakech & Ouzoud Falls

    Hi guys Thought I'd share with you all my latest blog post after spending 4 nights in Marrakech and a day at Ouzoud Falls. To say it was challenging to get decent shots in Marrakech would be an understatement. I've never visited somewhere before where the locals seem to be totally against photography. But it made the place that little more interesting and unique It's a gorgeous place and I can't wait to go back sometime in the future. All photos taken with the X100S. Please take a look: http://www.lukewalkerphotog.com/blog/2015/8/12/marrakech-and-ozoud-falls
  10. Went to use my camera the other day and I now seem to have a purple static when I click the shutter button. This happens in the EVF and also on the screen. Photos are untouched... Has anyone had this? Any idea if it is fixable? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6841/x100s-screen.m4v
  11. a visit to Petak 9 - Jakarta's famous Chinatown one day prior CNYE. https://www.flickr.com/gp/lolopoenya/Npzx0h
  12. Anyone experienced the following issues: - Battery charger fails to charge batteries properly - I thought my batteries were getting bad, so got new ones, and when same problem happened, bought a second aftermarket charger - then verified the original Fuji charger was indeed defecctive. - Camera suddenly became unresponsive: had to turn OFF and ON again to get it going - and later it froze completely. Only removing the battery helped get the camera starting, but LCD screen is streaked and then the camera freezes (the menu system is still accessible though). Have used it moderately and in very good conditions (never rain or dust, never exposed to excessive heat or sunlight), alongside my X-M1, Coolpix A, D700 and 5D etc. Will be sending it for repair, but still curious to know if anyone else had similar experiences
  13. Hello,I am selling a Gently used mint condition Fujifilm TCL-X100 Telephoto Conversion Lens - This was used for a short season on my Fuji X100T - I realized I am not using it as much as I thought I would be. Therefore I decided on selling it. Nothing is wrong with the Adapter there is no mechanical parts inside because it just screws on to your fuji x100 series camera. Ive had the monoprice uv filter on since I ordered it. Comes with original box. Im asking $295 Includes Shipping within USA ONLY. Will be shipped medium flat rate box 2day priority USPS.Paypal only. local pickup available if you are in Orange County Ca. I have a 100% seller rating on ebay Seller: Rivers5757 Contact me with any questions. Thank you!thanks for looking!
  14. Selling a silver Lensmate thumb rest for the X100S and X100. Includes original box. $35 shipped via USPS in continental US only. These sell new for $60.
  15. Luminous Landscape site published my story from Amdo and Kham provinces of old Tibet, shot mostly with X-Pro1 with X100s as backup. https://luminous-landscape.com/forgotten-land-defiant-people-tibet/ Full sets of pictures (about 186) here, albums 3 to 6: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112698197@N08/albums Enjoy!
  16. I have been observing that for past several days, I cannot make the camera select aperture beyond F8. I am able to move the aperture ring to F11 and F16, but the display does not change. Effectively I am unable to set the camera in S (shutter priority) mode. Anyone else experienced this before? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hello , I have a MINT Fotodiox X100 & X100s Thumb Grip/Rest Short A model for sale here. Will not work for the X100T due to the new placement locations for the buttons. This thumbrest worked great for my x100 and x100s. Also comes in more affordable than the fuji model. I will let it go for $18 +Free shipping within USA only. Sells for $25 brand new. Fotodiox Link Thank you for looking please feel free to ask questions. I have a 100% seller rating on eBay if you would like to reference my account name is :Rivers5757 Thanks
  18. veejaycee

    On the road with Fuji

  19. pominpocket

    X100S snatched

    I normally keep my X100S in a very weathered customized leather waist pouch. But not today. I was in a hurry and placed it in my water proof ocean bag after going swimming. So when the bag was snatched by a motor bike thief here in Cambodia while I was riding a bicycle near my house the thieves got my camera. They also pushed me off the bike and I suffered some nasty grazing and shock. The theft was not prompted by poverty its the addiction of ice (crystal meth) in this country that is destroying it. So what did they get? My loved and second hand camera with an sd card that will not come out. Its also pretty worn. So what will they get for it on the open market? Not much I would think. Money permitting I would replace this camera for an X100T which I can get for $1000 USA. But I think I will wait 6 months if I can and see what I can get then. Meanwhile will use X pro 1 and DF. I will also miss the lovely hand made pouch my swimming goggles and all
  20. Hi, check out my photos of Japan. http://japantravldiary.tumblr.com/ These were all taken with Panasonic LX100. It would have been nice to have the image quality and sharpness of the Fuji X100s/X100t, but unfortunately the fixed 35mm lens would have been near useless, and I would have missed most of these shots. It's a pity there is not a compact camera yet that has the best of both worlds.
  21. For sale is an Fuji x100s camera with extras - $600 Price: $600.00 Recently upgraded to the x100t and this one needs to find a good home. The camera is in perfect working condition. it has two marks on the body. Both are highlighted in these two images. a: Scuff mark from not using the provided leather cover that came with the loops http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/50876475_D4mtdQ#!i=4230880094&k=Mxvj9JK b. Very small scratch on the lens barrel http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/50876475_D4mtdQ#!i=4230880146&k=rfCTXgd Neither marks effect the operation of the camera. Asking price is adjusted accordingly. Other than that the camera is in perfect working order. Extras included are the following: 1. Neewer Hand Grip Quick Release Plate (Arca compatible) $21: http://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Dedicated-Camera-Release-Compatible/dp/B00J5F6TEW 2. Vented Lens Hood $4.00: http://www.rainbowimaging.biz/shop/product.php?id_product=685 3. GGS LCD protector $8.00: Cracked, but did its job. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-GGS-Optical-Glass-LCD-Screen-Protector-Fujifilm-X100S-X100-Fujifilm-X10-/281158094933 4. Copper Concave Copper Shutter Release Button Comes with everything in the original box and all factory included items. Plenty of images here: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/50876475_D4mtdQ#!i=4231020227&k=QfLzGMD --- I have not sold or bought much here, but my Fred Miranda feedback and profile are as follows: My Fred Miranda forums feedback history (User: psaltis): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9261993/FredMirandaFeedback/FM Feedback.pdf My Fred Miranda forums profile: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9261993/FredMirandaFeedback/FM Profile.png
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