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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! Selling my beloved X-Pro2 kit since need a little lighter set-up. Would be interested in a trade to X100F. X-PRO2 body + metal grip (improves ergonomics) Bought in EU, should still have a valid warranty. Light usage marks, but nothing significant. Box and all the regular stuff included. Fujicron XF23 F2 Bought in Japan. There is a warranty card, not sure if warranty works in EU. Box, covers, and all the regular stuff included. The lens is in perfect condition, a few scuffs on the hood. I'll add an extra metal screw-on lens hood. I'm asking for 1490€ for the set. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, but it's pretty cheap shipping anywhere in the world from there. I also have an XF14 for sale for 550€, if someone would be interested.
  2. Just got myself a 7artisans 7.5mm F2.8 APS-C Fisheye Lens (Fuji X Mount) and will be going on a landscape trip in couple of weeks. Excited to see how it goes with the lens. Posted the first impressions on my blog.
  3. I see a few of us are using X-Pro 2 for street - a style I think its perfect for - so if you're interested, here's a few posts from my site: https://capitalfaces.com/2016/07/23/no-eye-contact/ Thanks all.
  4. franco

    the xf18...

    ...gets an unfairly bad rap, I think: https://capitalfaces.com/2017/03/25/the-less-than-perfectapparently-xf18mm/ just trying to even it up a bit, because I think this lens is great value.
  5. Small review on X-Pro 2's low light capabilities. Its a beast, but perhaps not much more of a beast than the previous beasts: https://capitalfaces.com/2016/09/25/fujifilm-x-pro-2-in-low-light/ (though it is a beast)
  6. Took the X-Pro 2 and a few primes to the Med recently. https://capitalfaces.com/2017/03/11/back-to-the-primes-maltasicily/ All did great. :-)
  7. Hi All, I am XT1 user looking into getting XPro 2 for landscape (and perhaps macro) photography; I own 12mm Rokinon and XF10-24mm (plus 23, 56, 60 and 18-55 Fuji lenses). I will welcome opinions and suggestions from the XPro 2 camera users. Thanks! Ivo in AZ
  8. jabell

    Should I Upgrade?

    Hello all, Considering selling my xe2 and upgrading to the xpro2. Specific things I'm looking for is faster, more accurate low light AF and better ergonomics. Has anyone here made this switch and could share your thoughts?
  9. Quickie review of the Planar 45 F2 shot with the X-Pro 2. I was actually amazed at the results. https://capitalfaces.com/2016/08/20/zeiss-planar-45mm-f2test-with-x-pro-2/ Cheers all. Happy Shooting.
  10. http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n160707_04.html I think this wont surprise anyone, but the latest firmware for the X-Pro 2 is coming in October, putting it up there with whatever the XT-2 does better. OCTOBER!! I cant wait three months!! Nice one Fujifilm. 'double flag ship' now, huh? I'll take it.
  11. Maybe not for everyone, but the X-Pro has been a revelation for my street photography: https://capitalfaces.com/2016/05/29/chestshooting/ Cheers, and have a great holiday weekend!
  12. franco

    X-Pro 2 review...

    Its a bit gushing folks...but you know what a fan-boy I am: https://capitalfaces.com/2016/04/24/3-months-in-fujifilm-x-pro-2/ Overall? Yeah - top piece of kit.
  13. secondintime


    Heres another shot of "Dobby" our house guest whilst his family are away. A lovely little dog.Since getting the Xpr0 2, I am really enjoying the 18-55mm again. The Pro2 just seems to get the very most out of this lens, the forgiving ISO really helps, but for me there is just something that really works with this lens. It just sits nicely on the Pro 2 and it certainly taking up more time than any other lens I have at the moment. This is the jpeg from camera, shot Classic Chrome, moved into Lightroom CC, cropped slightly, and that is it. 1/100 @f/3.6, ISO 400, 18-55mm @ 37mm Dobbys Eyes by Peter Goodwin, on Flickr
  14. http://kenjileather.com/product/fujifilm-fuji-xpro-2-kenji-leather-half-case/
  15. secondintime


    Heres Dobby, our houseguest for a week, he's our friends dog and we look after him occasionally. He gets on great with "Blue" our black Lab. He's such a great little character, and we love having him stay. Recently got the Pro 2, also recently sold my 35mm 1.4, and regretted it so ended up getting the 35mm f2 to see what its like. Can't say I like the look of it on the camera as much as the 1.4, don't like how it narrows. But getting some nice shots out of it, as with everything it will take some getting used to.  Shot this on Acros, but wanted to see how LR CC compares when changing the RAW to the same setting in Post. They were identical so LR in this respect does a very good job.  Anyway, heres "Dobby"  X Pro2, 1/80, f/3.2, ISO 1000, 35mm F2.   Dobby.jpg by Peter Goodwin, on Flickr
  16. Im enjoying using the X-Pro 2 hugely - it is a truly LOVELY camera to use (full review coming soon) - but I am still far from convinced that Lightroom is fully up to speed when it comes to processing RAW files. I even, somewhat foolishly, purchased a new Mac to see if the speed of my PC was an issue. It isn't. Im sure my files from the old X-Pro 1 were cleaner at ISO3200 - and even if the 'filmic' look is appealing for this kind of image, it doesn't always work for everything I shoot. I do hope updates keep coming as Im getting tired of looking thru the veiw-finder to see how glorious my images can be....
  17. Hi All, Just downloaded Version 6.4 in Lightroom CC which should allow for X-Pro 2 - - - gotta say, things look awful noisy at ISO640! So bad, I took it back and got a replacement, and its still the same. I've been told the updates dont appear straight away - which im hoping is the problem - so how long before the version 6.4 actualy kicks in? Any pointers gratefully recieved... Cheers!
  18. what 2 cards should I get if I am going to put raw in slot one and back it up on JPEG in slot 2? Thank you
  19. Biggles71


    Let's group the X-PRO2 reviews here, I'll start with mine here: part 1: http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.ae/2016/01/first-look-fujifilm-x-pro2-camera.html part 2: http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.jp/2016/01/first-look-fujifilm-x-pro2-camera_15.html always happy to answer questions here or on my blog.
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